Michelle Obama Shares Harsh Reality Check She Received After Taking Barack to Marriage Counseling

The former First Lady also joins Jimmy Fallon to give 30 Rock tourists the “Elevator Surprise” of their lives with some very silly antics.

Michelle Obama shocked the nation when she revealed in her bestselling book "Becoming" that she and Barack went through marriage counseling, but it was a very intentional reveal, as she explained to Jimmy Fallon.

In the United States, more than half of marriages end in divorce, and many couples bail at the first sign of trouble. But it might say more about false expectations on what marriage is than anything about the younger generations.

There’s this perception that a good marriage is good all the time. Consequently, the first sign of trouble must mean that it’s doomed. But that’s simply not true. "I want young people to know that marriage is work, even the best marriages require work," Michelle said.

Marriage Counseling

It also requires an ability to perhaps check your ego at the marriage counselor’s door. "I was one of those wives who thought, I’m taking you to marriage counseling so you can be fixed, Barack Obama," she told Jimmy. "Because I was like, I’m perfect. I was like, Dr. X, please fix him.

"And then our counselor looked over at me. I was like, What are you looking at? I’m perfect."

That was a huge revelation for her, and through counseling she learned something about herself that served a dual purpose in her life. It enabled her to be a better wife to Barack, and it enabled her to find the best version of herself.

"Marriage counseling was a turning point for me understanding that it wasn’t up to my husband to make me happy," she explained. "That I had to learn how to fill myself up and have to put myself higher on my priority list."

And so she shared her story in the hopes that it might resonate with younger people. "There are a lot of young people who look at me and Barakc and you and your wife and people they see and they think, Oh I want those #RelationshipGoals," she said.

But just like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jennifer Lopez can be our #FitnessGoals, we understand that it’s going to take work and discipline on our part to get there. That’s why they’re goals. They’re something to strive for.

Elevator Surprise

You’re more likely to see Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama goofing around in an elevator lobby than you are to have your relationship magically be perfect without any effort on your part. There were literally dozens of people who saw the former on Tuesday.

In his recurring ‘Elevator Surprise’ segment, Jimmy was this time joined by Michelle to surprise and stun various groups of people on a tour of 30 Rockefeller Center.

Once again, he and his team set up some absolutely ridiculous scenarios, like having he and Michelle reading books, or staging a magic trick. But sometimes, simplicity is best as he definitely got the best reactions when he almost jumped on the elevator with the guests before deciding to wait for the next one just as Michelle arrived.

The genuine reactions of the people on the elevators never get old, as they’re so excited to see Jimmy, first of all. But then when he drops the bigger reveal that he’s there with Michelle Obama, you’d think he was presenting royalty to them. In a way, though, perhaps he is.

Oh and we’d be remiss if we didn’t say you need to watch that video at the top to see Michelle’s two word response to leaving the White House in Donald Trump’s hands. It absolutely brought down the house.

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