Melissa Sheppard is the eldest bride in this year’s MAFS Australia

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MAFS Australia welcomed 10 brides and 10 grooms to the experiment in a bid to get matched with the potential love of their lives. The E4 dating series saw the remaining couples get hitched, including Josh White to his new wife, Melissa Sheppard but it doesn’t exactly start as either of them expected it. Here’s all there is to know about MAFS Australia’s Melissa Sheppard.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Married at First Sight Australia.

MAFSA star Mellissa told the experts she was looking for a “Thor” or “Gladiator” type man when she informed them of who she finds attractive.

So it was a bit of an odd match from the start to pair her with advertising client director Josh White, who appeared to be more of a sensitive soul.

Nevertheless, Melissa was thrilled when she laid eyes on him for the first time, labelling Josh as “such a gentleman”.

When their vows were exchanged, Melissa and Josh kissed passionately at the altar with her grabbing her new husband’s bum, much to her friends’ amusement.

How old is Married at First Sight Australia star Melissa Sheppard?

Married at First Sight Australia season 10’s Melissa Sheppard is a 41-year-old hairdresser from New South Wales.

She is the oldest bride on the extreme reality show this year with her husband Josh roughly the same age at 40.

Prior to appearing in the series, Melissa admitted she’s never had a problem with meeting men but has been eager to find someone she could be in a long-term relationship with.

This isn’t her first marriage though as the MAFSA star has already walked down the aisle once before.

Melissa was married for 10 years but this ended in divorce several years ago.

She now co-parents her son with her ex-husband as she lives with her twin sister on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Melissa has a busy lifestyle and has kissed “a lot of frogs” over the years and is hoping to find the man of her dreams on the show.

Cheeky and flirtatious, she is very comfortable with her sexuality and needs her man to keep up with her.

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But as Australian viewers already know, this direct and open attitude towards wanting sex with her new husband got her into trouble.

Even at the wedding, her friends were heard talking about Josh, with one of them stating: “She’ll eat him alive. He might run away.”

As the series goes on, Melissa cannot help but talk about sex regularly and accuse Josh of having “intimacy” issues as they didn’t get physical from the start.

At one point, she shouted at him: “What, you can’t keep up? Does it de-man you?”

Unfortunately for her, the experts were unable to sit back for much longer and watch her behaviour.

Melissa was eventually kicked off the show for belittling her husband, leading him to burst into tears.

MAFS Australia continues Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on E4.

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