Mel Brooks Endorses Joe Biden in His First-Ever Political Video

Mel Brooks made a rare political statement to endorse Joe Biden in a video the legendary comedy director’s son Max shared on social media.

In the minute-long clip, Brooks is shown quarantining in his home while his son and grandson stand behind glass doors. “They can’t be with me. Why? Because of this coronavirus,” Brooks said.

“And Donald Trump’s not doing a damn thing about it. So many people have died. And when you’re dead, you can’t do much. So I’m voting for Joe Biden.”

In supporting Biden, Brooks said briefly, “I like Joe because Joe likes facts. Because Joe likes science. Joe will keep us going. Take a tip from me: Vote for Joe.” Brooks also showed off his Cup of Joe coffee mug while his kin held up Biden/Harris posters.

Earlier during the coronavirus pandemic, Mel and Max Brooks posted a video — with Mel stuck inside while his son was outside — to encourage people to wear masks and social distance.

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