Married At First Sight Australia's Elizabeth Sobinoff reveals bandaged skin as she gets scar tissue removed from breasts

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Elizabeth Sobinoff has revealed her bandages after getting scar tissue removed from her chest.

The 30-year-old filmed the plasters over her ear lobe and in between her breasts as she told fans she had begun the process to remove her keloids.

Keloids form raised, painful areas of pink or red skin where a wound occurred and hasn't healed normally – and having one normally means others follow.

Elizabeth, who rose to fame on Australian reality show MAFS, showed fans she has had some of the enlarged, raised scar tissue removed from the areas.

"Keloid removal process started today," she wrote to her Instagram fans, alongside a video of her lying down and bandaged up.

It comes after the star was forced to hit back at trolls who said she's "too thin" after her recent drastic weight loss.

Elizabeth revealed that she was flooded with messages of concern, quizzing her about her diet.

In response, the reality star said that her weight was "none of their business".

The MAFS star said: "I had a laugh reading some DM's about my dinner I posted last night.

"People telling me it wasn't healthy. Spinach, broccoli and brussel sporuts aren't healthy?

"I love how people resort back to a TV show and assume I eat shit, all day, everyday."

Elizabeth took to her Instagram stories to clarify that eating small portions are essential for her healthy digestion.

She explained: "Having a light dinner is better for my digestion. Not that it's any of your business.

"I normally eat extremely clean, when I go out for dinner I indulge, why would you not?"

The TV beauty then opened up about her lifestyle that has helped her achieve a trim figure.

She continued: "I love to workout. My diet is high fibre, lots and lots of veggies and fruit, eggs and tuna. And lots of green tea and trying to drink a huge amount of water.

"I don't drink alcohol or do drugs, I even try to avoid taking Pandaol. On a night out or when I'm around alcohol I'll have a red bull or a mocktail.

"Why am I telling you all this? Just the DM's constantly wanting a 'weight loss secret'.

No secret angels, I just live a healthy lifestyle. I go to bed early and I workout every morning. Unless I have to be somewhere very early."

The TV beauty explained that her weight regularly fluctuates because of certain health conditions.

She added: "I gained weight right before I filmed the first time. Give me a break I just came off a disability pension and went straight back to work, I was trying to do the best that I could.

"I'll end it at this. You are more than your weight. Do what is right for you and stop judging others based on the perceptions that you have."

The reality star was body-shamed by 'hubby' Sam when he said that he’d "never dated a girl as big as her" and "hopes to get her running in the mornings".

She recently revealed that she is still "haunted every day" by his cruel weight comments.

Elizabeth has since transformed her entire appearance and has lost over one and a half stone.

The jewellery store worker decided to opt for the 5:2 diet, which involved eating less than 600 calories a day on two consecutive days every week.

Elizabeth also attributes her fluctuating weight to her two chronic health conditions. 

She suffers from porphyria, a blood disorder that affects the liver and other organs. She also has a mild form of Lupus.

Elizabeth had a second shot at love of Married At First Sight Australia and was successfully paired with Seb Guilhaus.

It looks like the pair have rekindled their relationship after they were spotted holidaying on Australia's Gold Coast and celebrated Elizabeth's 30th birthday together.

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