Married At First Sight Australia stars reveal fight between Jessika and Cyrell so brutal it was cut from reunion show

MARRIED At First Sight Australia got so ugly that the scenes couldn't be aired, some of its stars have claimed.

Jessika Power, 28, has clashed with Cyrell Paule, 31, on the series of the reality show currently being aired in the UK on E4.

Things were no better when they came face to face at a reunion show aired in Australia on Sunday that quickly descended into a slanging match.

But Jess explained on Aussie radio show Jimmy and Nath that not all of it has been aired, saying: "They didn't show a lot of it."

When pressed over what happened, she pointed the finger at Cyrell and co-star Ines Basic.

She said: "Cyrell was just attacking everybody from the get-go – I was the last victim on her little list.

"The level of language that was used by her and Ines – I was gobsmacked. It was really a hostile situation.

"It was directed first of all at Mike calling him the S bombs and the C bombs. It was language that ladies don't use at all. Not even men use that sort of language.

"Then there was a thing saying I come from scum. Imagine the worst of the worst – that's what was coming out of Cyrell's mouth."

Martha Kalifatidis, who has had her own explosive bust-ups with Cyrell, posted on Sunday: "MAFS IS A TV SHOW, THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM."

Dean Wells, a star from a later series of the show, also revealed on Friday that producers had to break up an argument between him and Ryan Gallagher.

And Sarah Roza, another bride from series five agreed the most brutal moments weren't shown, writing: "My blood pressure is skyrocketing.

"After watching tonight's episode I see that most of the worst scenes have been edited out, which I feel is a good thing because honestly it was just too graphic!"

The Married At First Sight reunion show saw producers lay on a dinner for the stars, two years on from the series that is is currently airing in the UK.

It saw Cyrelle hurl a glass of wine at Jessika in a row over remarks she'd made about her boyfriend Eden.

She said: "I've always said Jess is jealous. She can't comprehend that Eden chose me and had committed to me, and that she will always be a one-night stand."

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