Luke Hemsworth Wants to Be Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Replacement: ‘I'm Ready’

Luke Hemsworth is looking to join brother Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Westworld actor, 39, told Screen Rant he “would love” to play a superhero, specifically mentioning his desire to take on the role of Wolverine.

“I grew up with them,” the eldest Hemsworth brother said of superheroes. “I learned to draw through comic books, copying comic books since I was about 10 years old.”

He added, “Spawn was a big one for [me]; I really loved Todd McFarlane's Spawn. And then Batman — I would have fought Rob Pattinson for those gauntlets. And Wolverine! I'm like, ‘Come on, just pass them on, mate. Let's give it to another Aussie.’ I'll have to grow some chest hair, but I'm ready for Wolverine.”

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine in Marvel films since X-Men debuted in 2000, but after the release of 2017’s Logan, he has said he will no longer take on the role.

In November 2018, Jackman, 52, opened up about the character and his possible return in an interview on Sunday Today with Willie Geist saying, “Oh, Wolverine will be back. Someone’s going to buy him, I don’t know.”

Geist added, “Not you though.”

“No, but Ryan is relentless,” Jackman said, referring to Ryan Reynolds, with whom he has a hilarious (faux) long-running feud.

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Earlier this year, the Australian actor reflected on his 20 years in the role, telling Good Morning America in August that playing Wolverine was his “first movie in America” and that he didn't have high hopes for the film when it first came out.

“I had two or three friends in the business say, ‘Hey dude before this movie comes out, the word on this street is this is not good so make sure you’ve booked another film that way at least you have another shot,’” Jackman recalled.

He later added, “When it came out, no one knew that was coming. No one knew I would end up playing the role nine times. It still all surprises me, thrills me, I’m so grateful to those fans.”

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