Love Island’s Toby ‘not to be trusted’ but Kaz will ‘move on’ with new boys

Actions speak louder than words, and the phrase has never been truer than on Love Island.

Toby Aromolaran and Kaz Kamwi seemed properly coupled up in the villa until Chloe set her sights on Kaz's man.

Body language expert Inbaal Psychic says the 22-year-old semi-professional footballer isn't one to be trusted.

Is fashion blogger Kaz, 26, about to get her heart broken?

Inbaal has examined footage of the pair kissing, which on the surface seems wholesome and romantic.

The body language never lies though, says Inbaal, and if you look closely the signs are all there.

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Inbaal says: "Kaz and Toby's kiss show two people who are in very different stages of a romantic connection."

Fans already guessed that Kaz might have the feels for Toby, and her body language confirms that, says the expert.

"Kaz is passionate, she leans towards him, touches her hair (a big sign that she wants him to like her!), and holds his face when they embrace.

"That's a smitten kitten right there!"

Inbaal says Toby isn't returning Kaz's feelings in the kiss: "Toby, however, tries to appear as if he's close to her, but his leg encircling her body is faced towards himself, not towards her, which shows how he's into himself more than anyone!"

She adds: "As they kiss, his arms are around her shoulders, quite disinterested."

It's how they behave after the kiss too that is a big giveaway.

"Even their victory dances are different – hers is full of joy, and his is more forced."

Inbaal has a warning for loved-up Kaz: "Toby is not to be trusted – if he can spy a bigger, better deal, he'll go with it.

"Kaz is a happy girl who is true to herself and true to her goals."

Pyschic and expert Inbaal thinks it will all be okay for Kaz, regardless of whether Toby doesn't buck his ideas up.

"A little interference won't bother her, she'll flick her hair… and move on forward."

Fans were outraged after Chloe Burrows planted a kiss on Toby during the 'Line of Booty' challenge before they shared a proper kiss on the roof terrace.

Viewers are unimpressed with Chloe's efforts to steal Kaz's man.

Will sparks fly with Chloe if Toby doesn't seem genuinely interested in Kaz?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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