Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka insists she DID tell Whitehall bosses she was going on show and they are 'huge fans'

LOVE Island’s Sharon Gaffka has insisted she did tell her Whitehall bosses she was going on the show this summer – and they are “huge fans” of it. 

The 25-year-old was reported to have quit her job as a civil servant in the Department for Transport and it was claimed that her decision to go on the show was a shock to her department.

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But the Oxford-born singleton tells us she will be heading back there after the summer – and they weren’t left in the dark.

Speaking to The Sun Online, and other press, ahead of the launch, she said: “My intention post Love Island is to return to my profession.

“I did tell my boss and colleague that I am going on Love Island. They are really big fans of the show so I think they are more excited about it than I am.”

Asked if she will have to monitor her behaviour because of her job, she explained: “I think that there is that civil service code of conduct  to be aware of but it’s not something that is massively unaligned from my own personal morals  and code of conduct anyway.

“I am not there to talk about my job or profession. I am there to find love, I am not particularly conscious or nervous that I will say something I shouldn’t.”

In previous years the show has featured contestants who aren’t that clued up on politics. 

Sharon admits that can be “frustrating”, but as well as looking for a man, she will use the opportunity to educate.

She shared: “There have been times where you see things and it’s frustrating, but you have to realise that politics is actually a really boring and dry subject, especially for a lot of people. 

“Sometimes, I find it really boring and dry and I don’t necessarily understand everything, it’s really hard to expect that from someone else.

"I will definitely use this opportunity to educate and hopefully they can learn something from me as much as I can learn something from them.”

And, while most Islanders are hoping for clothing line deals when they leave, Sharon has bigger aspirations, saying: “It is in my long term plan to potentially be an MP, so you know it would be a first for the show.”

Love Island starts at 9pm Monday 28th June on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox

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