Love Island stars' sex sessions on the show aren't aired if they deny they did it says Megan Barton-Hanson

MEGAN Barton Hanson has revealed Love Island only airs sex scenes if the contestants admit to their romps.

The reality star, who shot to fame on Love Island in 2018, claimed producers consult islanders before showing any of their bedtime antics.

Megan, 26, took part in an Instagram Q&A on her Instagram Stories, and opened up about how the show approaches sex when a fan asked her "how much sex happened" and "was it just at night or did couples sneak off during the day?"

Honest Megan gave a fairly straight answer – while having a dig at some of her fellow contestants.

She wrote back: "Haha I tried! So embarrassing that's one of the only clips I've watched back! Where Jack walked in the room!"

Megan went on to add: "What's cheeky is, if you had sex but denied it to production, they can't air the footage."

The star, who advocates for safe sex and is an ambassador for luxury sex toy brand Lelo, admitted her life would've been "easier" if she pretended she didn't have sex on the series.

The reality TV beauty concluded: "So I would have had an easy life if I pretended that I didn't like other girls, but I love sex and it was pretty obvious."

In 2019, The Sun revealed late-night romps had been scrapped from the show and will never be shown to viewers to avoid embarrassing Islanders when they inevitably later regret their steamy bedtime antics.

Love Island 2016 star Zara Holland was one of the first to admit her life was “destroyed” by having sex on TV.

Zara was sensationally stripped of her Miss GB crown in 2016 after having sex with Alex Bowen in the villa’s Hideaway.

In the same year, viewers were shocked as they watched Terry and Emma have sex on top of the covers.

After leaving the villa, Zara quit fame over fears she would always be remembered for being "the girl who had sex on TV."

She also spoke out after the tragic deaths of Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis as she warned future stars: “You will be haunted by the show for the rest of your life.”

Since then Love Island has announced therapy sessions and financial training for stars.

The Sun exclusively revealed last year how the show now hopes that by avoiding showing sex on TV they can help protect the stars.

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