Love Island stars bizarre codewords and their very rude meanings explained

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Every year the Love Island contestants come up with a bunch of funny phrases or terms so they can discuss what “fun” they’ve been having under the covers without viewers – or their families – fully knowing what they’re talking about.

This year is no exception with the Islanders appearing to use education levels and football terminology as their code words.

For the girls, Faye Winter created this year’s code, drawing inspiration from the former English education levels NVQ (National Vocational Qualification).

And with this in mind it appears as if there are four levels of examinations before graduation, or as Liberty called it “the full shebang.”

First up, there’s the “Entry Level NVQ” which could mean just a little snog or kiss. Then there’s an “NVQ 1” which could suggest doing something sexy involving hands.

An “NVQ 2” might be an oral sex act and an “NVQ 3” potentially means going all the way and having sex.

Meanwhile, it’s believed professional footballer Toby Aromolaran came up with the boys’ slightly more elaborate and detailed array of codewords using football terms.

If you hear the guys saying “1-0” it could mean that they’re talking about a sex act performed on one person and not the other, according to an expert from MattressNextDay.

Then there’s also the incredibly hard to decipher terms “handball” and “gave a header” to describe the next stages of under-the-cover fun.

There’s also the hilarious “streaker on the pitch” which could mean getting fully naked but not necessarily doing anything.

And last but not least, there’s the rather dignified “lacing up my boots” which could mean that a guy is ready to have sex with his partner.

Viewers are anxiously waiting to see what happens next in Casa Amor after it looked like Welsh bricklayer Liam was struggling not to have his head turned by bombshell Lillie Haynes.

All the while, an anxious Millie Court, 24, worried she couldn’t trust her 21 year old beau as she sat back in the original villa.

Fans have been outraged as they watched previously-loyal Liam flirting up a storm with newcomer Lillie, 22 – and his family have been forced to hit out at angry trolls sending abuse their way.

Liam and Lillie kissed in a challenge during the episode, and the Welsh star has also shared a bed with her, after spending time chatting on the daybeds.

Millie’s official Instagram account also referenced Liam’s surprising antics, but chose to take a relaxed approach and wait for things to progress further.

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