Love Island fans claim Hugo Hammond quoted Katie Price’s son Harvey after villa row – but did you spot it?

LOVE Island fans have claimed that Hugo Hammond quoted Katie Price's son Harvey after his villa row in last night's episode.

The 22-year-old teacher appeared exasperated after being confronted by Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka about comments he'd made about plastic surgery in a challenge.

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He was seen breaking down in tears as he apologised to the women, though the majority of viewers were firmly on his side and accused the girls of "ganging up".

As Hugo headed to bed after the stressful night, he was seen sighing loudly before exclaiming: "What a day!"

The delivery was remarkably similar to a viral audio clip of Katie's 19-year-old son Harvey from their BBC documentary, released earlier this year.

After visiting a residential college, Harvey sighed and said the same thing – with the snippet quickly being snapped up and reposted on popular social media site TikTok.

TikTok sees users recycle popular sounds and lip-sync along to them as though it is their own.

The original clip of Harvey's comment has gathered up thousands of video uses since the documentary's release.

A remixed version that blends his remark with the intro of December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) has been used by TikTok fans 11,300 times.

Love Island viewers were quick to pick up on Hugo's apparent reference, and flocked to social media to share their reaction.

One fan tweeted: "As if Hugo just threw in a Harvey Price impression".

Another added: "Hugo quoting Harvey Price is pure magic".

A third joked: "My man Hugo is more knackered then Harvey Price!"


And, of course, it even made its way onto TikTok, with a user posting the clip and writing: "When Hugo mocked Harvey Price."

The post has had 57.7k likes at the time of writing, and 1,500 comments, with many taking issue with the use of the word "mocked".

One wrote: "How is it mocking him? It's just using his quote."

Another agreed: "Just like everyone does on TikTok, Jesus."

A third said: "EVERYONE has been saying this for weeks. It's not mocking him at all! Harvey's a national treasure."

Katie Price was among the Love Island fans to jump to Hugo's defence after his clash with Sharon and Faye last night.

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The 43-year-old star is no stranger to going under the knife, and is currently recovering from her latest procedures – including full body liposuction.

But she was firmly on Hugo's side after he said he doesn't like "fake" girls, filming her telly as she shouted: "Get over it, girls.

"Some guys don't like the fake look, they like the girl-next-door.

"If you can't handle the criticism, don't get the work done."

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