Love Island fans accuse Michael of ‘playing games’ after sudden U-turn over feelings for his ex Amber – The Sun

LOVE Island fans have accused Michael Griffiths of "playing games" with Amber Gill by saying he still has feelings for her.

The 27-year-old, who wanted nothing to do with the beautician until he saw her on a date with newbie Greg O'Shea, was accused of "playing games".

Other viewers insisted he was trying to use the 21-year-old as his "ticket to the final" after his partner Joanna Chimonides got voted out.

On Sunday’s show, hours before Joanna was booted from the island, Amber, 21, admitted she was still into Michael – but he knocked her back.

However, in a dramatic U-turn Michael pulled Amber for a chat to tell her how he feels after her date with Greg made him envious.

Viewers were unimpressed, writing: "Obviously playing a game and trying to stay … Hope Amber tells him to do one ?."

Another wrote: "Michael really is playing the game ?? he'll say whatever required to make sure he gets the money…"

A third insisted: "Michael is 100% playing a game and I bet Amber will go back to him, poor girl."

Others felt the firefighter would drop Amber for a second time.

One fan wrote: "Michael will 'want Amber back' then pie her off as soon as they leave the villa (if she even goes back there with him) cos he's realised she's possibly his ticket to the final."

Another said bluntly: "Michael doesnt like Amber; he just wants a ticket to 50k and can see it slipping away."

One other also felt he was driven by the big-money prize, insisting: "Michael only wants amber now because he wants to win that 50K.

"How can he go from being so 'adamant that he isn’t interested' in amber anymore to 'i think i like her'."

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