Love Island 2022 episode 3 recap: Gemma Owen & Davide go on first date – but fans SLAM couple as 'watching paint dry' | The Sun

LOVE Island fans have poked fun out of Gemma Owen and Davide Sanclimenti's first date, comparing it to "watching paint dry".

Viewers of the ITV2 reality show branded Gemma, 19, and 27-year-old Davide's time away from the villa as "awkward" and "boring".

The pair barely shared eye contact during the picnic and Love Island fans are convinced there is 'no chemistry' between them.

This is despite the pair insisting that they have feelings for each other.

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: "The davide & gemma date is like watching paint dry."

Another wrote: "The way Gemma was avoiding eye contact with Davide is like she was being forced to be at the date."

Davide and Gemma's picnic date came after he pinched her from Liam Llewellyn, 22.

The initial couples chosen by the public were Dami and Amber, Indiyah and Ikenna, Tasha and Andew, Gemma and Liam and Luca and Paige .

Love Island is on at 9pm on ITV2.

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Football star keeps an eye on newcomer Ekin-Su

    Jack Grealish has reportedly liked a swathe of the gorgeous new bombshell's Instagram photos.

    The sizzling hot new Islander has not only turned heads of the show's cast.

    Actress Ekin-Su, who stars in a Turkish television drama, will be hitting screens tonight as she goes for a date with Liam.

    Jack Grealish has been spotted liking her most sultry swimsuit snaps.

    He has a stunning girlfriend called Sasha, but in 2021 he was linked to multiple other women.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Love Island's sweetheart Liam has bagged a date with TWO new girls

    The graduate was voted to take the two new girls on a date, after being ditched for the 'Italian snack' Davide.

    Liam's luck is looking up after two new stunning bombshells are introduced to the villa.

    He has been voted by the public to go on a date with EACH girl, Ekin-Su and Afia.

    Fingers crossed for Liam!

  • Lauren Lomas

    A reminder to BE KIND after Love Islander found herself in downward drug spiral after being portrayed as a 'monster'

    Bethany Rogers appeared on Love Island in 2015, when she was 19 years old.

    She was subject to a barrage of abuse, and found herself in a downward spiral after discovering how she was portrayed on the show.

    Speaking to Metro, she said: "Producers would come in every day and direct us to talk to a certain person – to stir the pot.

    "They were manipulating us to fit their narrative. But everything shown of me was negative and aggressive."

    Bethany turned to drugs as a way to cope, fortunately it seems she is doing much better now.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Fans think Luca is OBSESSED with this Islander – and it’s not Tasha

    Viewers all noticed the same thing as they joked Luca appears “obsessed” with bombshell Davide.

    Despite being coupled up with Paige and also trying to crack on Tasha, Luca has spent most of his time talking about the Italian stallion.

    After it was announced Davide was going on his first date with Gemma, he said: “I don’t know what to wear.”

    Luca reassured him: “You could wear nothing and you’d be alright.”

    Then later, Luca once again showered Davide with compliments as he got ready.

    Luca said: “Oh my god this fella is too cool, isn’t he?”

    The endless flattery didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.

    One said: “I like Luca but he’s starting to get on my nerves. the only thing he talks about seems to be Davide. Bloody hell he’s obsessed i’m bored of it !!”

    Another claimed: “Luca fancies davide more than all the girls combined.”

    Fans think Luca is ‘obsessed’ with DavideCredit: itv
  • Louis Allwood

    Fans spot ‘obvious sign’ Andrew is lying

    Fans pointed out a huge 'obvious sign' that Andrew Le Page was lying in his apology to Tasha Ghouri last night – did you see it?

    The estate agent, 27, got himself into a sticky situation after telling Tasha that she wasn't in Luca Bish's top three girls.

    Andrew pulled Luca for a chat and said that it was more than okay to get to know Tasha.

    Then later in bed the model told the property expert that she wasn't going to continue getting to know Luca.

    Andrew later apologised to Tasha as well.

    He said: "Obviously I want to say sorry to you as well. Genuinely did not mean to say that. I wasn't even thinking."

    Many fans rushed to Twitter to point out that he wasn't giving her eye contact throughout the apology.

    One said: "Andrew avoiding eye contact the whole apology."

    Another added: "Andrew saying sorry with literally 0 eye contact is bad vibes."

  • Louis Allwood

    Viewers cringe at Gemma Owen

    Love Island viewers cringed at Gemma Owen as she talked about marriage and babies on her FIRST date with Davide Sanclimenti.

    The 19-year-old eldest daughter of England football great Michael Owen declared: “I want marriage and four kids”.

    She even slammed Italian stallion Davide, 27, as "boring" for only wanting two children.

    The pair spoke about the future after heading out of the Majorcan villa to a fruit farm to toast their union over a glass of lemonade.

    But the chat didn't go down well with viewers who have threatened to complain to Ofcom over the couple's age gap.

    One fan said: "Davide and Gemma talking about kids and marriage made me so uncomfortable."

    Another added: "Has anyone told Davide how old Gemma is? My guys talking marriage and kids…she’s a TEENAGER bro."

    Someone else said: "Gemma talking about wanting 4 kids when she still only a kid herself."

  • Jack White

    Love Island champ Amber Gill leads fans calling out Andrew for lying about Luca 

    Amber Gill was among the furious fans to share their thoughts after Andrew lied to Tasha, telling her Luca isn’t interested in her. 

    Last night’s episode saw Luca confronting Andrew over the comments – with estate agent Andrew insisting it had been a simple mistake. 

    A confused Amber tweeted: “Did Andrew just lie???”

    And she wasn’t the only one who was angry with the situation. 

    One fan wrote: “Luca needs to be wary of Andrew now after his latest snakey move tonight.”

    And another said: “Nah Andrew snaked my boy Luca.” 

    As he confronted Andrew, Luca said: “If you were my mate outside I’d be absolutely fuming… You might have felt threatened… I’d never ever dog a boy out to get a girl.”

    Fans were not impressed with Andrew's lie about LucaCredit: ITV
  • Jack White

    Tasha ‘secretly dated’ Strictly star Giovanni Pernice 

    Tasha reportedly enjoyed secret dates with Strictly Come Dancing star Giovanni Pernice a month after he and Rose Ayling-Ellis won the show. 

    After hitting it off on the social media app, Italian dancer Giovanni, 31, is said to have taken model and dancer Tasha, 23, out for dinner.

    A source told the Mail: "They have a lot in common, both being dancers, and he had just learned a lot about the deaf community performing with Rose on Strictly, who Tasha really admires.

    "Tasha was impressed by how gentlemanly he was, taking her out to top London restaurants and offering to send cars to collect her, but she's independent and always made her own way to see him."

    At the time of their dates, Tasha was also seeing Too Hot to Handle star Robert Van Tromp, 30, whom she eventually split from in March after five months together.

    Tasha is said to have been on secret dates with Strictly's GiovanniCredit: ITV
  • Jack White

    Fans are already thinking about the final and can’t wait for THIS moment 

    One of the many highlights of Love Island is when the final couples are joined by their parents in the villa. 

    And fans are already thinking about the prospect of Gemma’s dad Michael Owen appearing on the show if she makes it that far. 

    One excited viewer tweeted: “Buzzing to see Michael Owen in meet the parents.” 

    Another said: “Can’t wait for Michael Owen to rock up in the villa for meet the parents week.”

    And, pointing out that none of the Islanders have worked out who her famous father is yet, a third asked: “Is it really going to happen that no one finds out who Gemma’s dad is until it’s meet the parents section and Michael Owen walks into the villa in his full England kit!?”

    Yesterday football legend Michael, 42, finally addressed the fact that his eldest daughter is one of this year’s sexy singletons. 

    The striker-turned-pundit was in Munich to cover England's Nations League clash against Germany and joked: "I came all the way to Germany to try and avoid all that back home, but it has been brought up straight away!

    “But I am feeling alright. This is taking my mind off it so don’t bring it back up.”

    Fans are hoping they'll get to see Michael in the villaCredit: channel 4
  • Jack White

    Viewers insist Gemma will end up going back to Liam despite date with Davide

    Fans were left gutted for Liam during last night's show when Gemma went on a date with Italian stallion Davide.

    But Liam showed he wasn't giving up on her, pulling her for a chat and telling her he was still interested.

    Now fans think Gemma and Davide will fizzle out and she'll end up back with Liam.

    One tweeted: "I feel like Gemma and Liam will eventually end up together."

    Another said: "Liam and Gemma gonna end up together, I can see it."

    And a third guessed: "Davide ends up liking Ekin-Su and Gemma goes straight back to Liam. I’m calling it now!"

    But should Liam wait for her?

    Fans think Gemma and Liam will end up together despite her blossoming romance with DavideCredit: ITV
  • Jack White

    Fans think they've worked out who will WIN this year's series

    It's only been back for a few days but fans think they know who will be crowned this year's Love Island champs already.

    Last night Luca was still deciding between Tasha and Paige, but viewers think if he goes for Paige they could win the whole thing.

    One person tweeted: "It’s looking like Luca will go for Tasha but if he stays with Paige I think they’d have a decent chance at winning."

    Another said: "Luca and Paige are winning this whole thing for real."

    And a third predicted: "Luca and Paige winning this season."

    During last night's episode Luca was left fuming with Andrew after finding out he'd told Tasha Luca wasn't interested in her.

    The fishmonger tactlessly shared his fury with Paige, despite the two of them coupling up on the first day.

    Fans think Paige and Luca could win the show if they stick togetherCredit: Eroteme
  • Jack White

    Former Love Island star Toby Aromolaran forced to deny he’s heading back to the villa 

    He’s very much still coupled up with fellow former Islander Chloe Burrows, but Toby Aromolaran has been forced to deny he’s on his way back to the villa. 

    Toby, 23, shared a snap of himself at an airport on his Instagram story and asked fans: “Where am I then?”

    Immediately his followers speculated that he was being lined up as another bombshell for this series. 

    But Toby was quick to shut them down and insisted: “I’m not going into the villa.” 

    Toby’s girlfriend Chloe previously made her feelings about current Islander Gemma Owen very clear. 

    She tweeted: “Gemma ur attitude STINKS mate.”

    Toby was forced to deny he's heading back to the villaCredit: instagram
  • Jack White

    Is THIS the cringey catchphrase of the new series?

    Fans think they've already predicted what will be the catchphrase of the series – despite the Islanders having only been in the villa for a few days.

    The boys have been heard describing the moment they plan to make a move on their love interests.

    Known as "cracking on" in previous series, this year's bunch of stars say they're going to "slap it on her".

    One fan claimed: "'Slap it on her' is about to become the new lingo of the season."

    “Slap it on her” wtf I’m too old for this," said another.

    A viewer added: “Slap it on her, factor 50” is the biggest ick I’ve ever heard."

    Fans think 'slap it on' will become this year's cringey catchphraseCredit: itv
  • Jack White

    Flash Luca only has £183 in the bank despite £1k date splurge

    Fishmonger Luca may have bragged about once spending £1,000 on a date but it seems he's not squids in.

    His business, which he has referred to on the show, only has about £183 in the bank.

    The amount is the sum total appearing on the accounts for Fish to your Door Ltd, the firm Luca incorporated two years ago in his native Brighton.

    The flash website for the company says: “It has been operating out of Sussex and delivering all over the UK for over 25 years.”

    It sells everything from octopus to caviar.

    The official Companies house records list the nature of the business as the wholesale trading of “fish, crustaceans and molluscs” and the director as Mr Luca Laurence Bish.

    It is not Luca’s main source of income as he also takes a salary from working in his dad’s fish shop.

    Luca isn't squids in despite his big spending on datesCredit: itv
  • Jack White

    Fans think Luca is OBSESSED with this Islander – and it's not Tasha

    Viewers all noticed the same thing as they joked Luca appears "obsessed" with bombshell Davide.

    Despite being coupled up with Paige and also trying to crack on Tasha, Luca has spent most of his time talking about the Italian stallion.

    After it was announced Davide was going on his first date with Gemma, he said: "I don't know what to wear."

    Luca reassured him: "You could wear nothing and you'd be alright."

    Then later, Luca once again showered Davide with compliments as he got ready.

    Luca said: "Oh my god this fella is too cool, isn't he?"

    The endless flattery didn't go unnoticed by viewers.

    One said: "I like Luca but he’s starting to get on my nerves. the only thing he talks about seems to be Davide. Bloody hell he’s obsessed i’m bored of it !!"

    Another claimed: "Luca fancies davide more than all the girls combined."

    Fans think Luca is 'obsessed' with DavideCredit: itv
  • Jack White

    Double date

    Liam's going on a date with the two new bombshells Afia and Ekin-Su, but fans noticed that Gemma is NOT happy about it.

    Despite her date with Davide viewers couldn't help but spot her less-than-impressed expression at the news of the new arrivals and Liam's pending dates.

  • Jack White

    He's in there!

    Dami made his move on Amber – and he was successful.

    Will their kiss mean they stick together though?

  • Jack White


    Andrew admitted Tasha IS in Luca's top 3 but fans think he's still lying…

    But it looks like his comments worked because Tasha is still interested.

  • Jack White


    Andrew's apologised to Luca for his comments to Tasha.

    But was he going against the bro code or did he make a mistake?

  • Jack White

    Foot in it

    Out of everyone Luca spoke to Paige about his drama with Tasha and Andrew.

    He's either tactless or he's showing that he's really not into Paige.

  • Jack White

    Good advice?

    Luca reckons Liam's still got a chance with Gemma.

    But with Davide around should he carry on trying to crack on?

  • Jack White

    Bro code

    Andrew told Tasha Luca isn't interested and he's not happy.

    But will he confront him over the comments?

  • Jack White

    When life gives you lemons

    Gemma and Davide are having a deep chat there and she's already bringing up marriage!

  • Jack White

    Mugged off?

    Did you catch Gemma telling Davide she slept "much better" with him. Let's hope Liam didn't hear…

  • Jack White

    Level up

    Will Dami get to the next level with Amber?

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