Love Island 2019: Fans slam Molly-Mae Hague for ‘playing games’ to split up other couples

Love Island is in its sixth week and as the final draws closer, viewers are wondering who this year’s winners are going to be. 

With £50,000 up for grabs, the former fan-favourites were Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, but with some viewers convinced they are playing a game, is the crown slipping further away from them? 

Both entered the show late as bombshells and Molly-Mae set her sights firmly on the professional boxer after she invited him to the Hideaway hot tub for a date. 

Since then, she had to vie for his attention after Lucie Donlan expressed interest as well as Maura Higgins. 

Despite the Casa Amor twist splitting them up for a few days, they reunited stronger than ever, with the pair officiating their relationship and even dropping the love-bomb. 

However, after a scene which aired during last night’s episode of the reality dating show, some ITV2 viewers have begun to question the authenticity of Molly-Mae in particular and whether or not she is sabotaging other relationships to secure her and Tommy the prize fund. 

During Sunday night’s episode, the contestants went to Island Club where an almighty row erupted between Anton and Belle. 

But the tension didn’t last long as the pair talked it out and made up the next day, much to the criticism of Molly-Mae. 

Speaking to Belle, the social media influencer aired her opinion and said: “I would be worrying if things like that are happening already, you had a big fight.

“Are you not worried this early on? I just wanted to make sure. When things blew up between you and him, you were pointing out all the qualities you don’t like about him.

“I don’t want you to brush that all under the carpet,” Molly-Mae explained. 

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After defending her and Anton’s argument, Belle said they were “closer” than ever and suggested her behaviour was an “overreaction to the whole kissing thing”. 

Despite Belle’s explanation, Molly-Mae continued to discuss the situation in the Beach Hut: “It was so weird to see how upset Belle and Anton were with each other last night and look over at the fire pit this morning and see them hugging and making up.

“I genuinely thought they wouldn’t be getting back together, they were finished.” 

She added: “I just don’t know about those two personally, I’m not convinced yet but I want to be proven wrong.”

Those watching at home were quick to take to Twitter and point out how this wasn’t the first time Molly-Mae had shared her doubts. 

Some noted how Molly-Mae had discussed Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides relationship, as well as telling the other girls about Anton giving his phone number to the shopkeeper the other day. 

Others questioned why Molly-Mae wanted to send Michael home instead of Joanna during Sunday night’s dumping twist where each Islander had a say. 

A fan wrote: “Molly-Mae stirring it up between couples she sees as a threat to her and Tommy. I see you girl.” 

“Molly-Mae is a fine example of someone trying to split up the competition #LoveIsland,” another chimed while a third added: “I’ve changed my mind about Molly, I think her and Tommy just want to split everyone else up #LoveIsland.” 

I don’t want you to brush that all under the carpet.

Molly to Belle.

Someone else commented: “Molly chatting at Belle for having issues ‘so early on’, Molly do you not remember going psycho on Tommy after like a week he went on a date with Maura lol #LoveIsland.” 

“You forgot Molly is a social media influencer, she knows how the game works and she’s playing the biggest game stirring other couples #LoveIsland,” one remarked. 

An alternative tweet read: “Molly-Mae doesn’t want anyone coming between her and the 50k. The girl will literally dismiss everyone else’s chemistry and talk down on everyone else’s relationships. Molly’s playing the biggest game #LoveIsland.” 

“Tommy and Molly are playing the biggest game there and nobody seems to notice #LoveIsland,” a fan suggested. 

As for who is currently the bookmakers’ favourite, it seems Curtis and Maura have won over the fans. 

According to Betway’s Alan Alger: “Tommy and Molly-Mae have been Love Island’s closest pair for some time now but punters are also taking a shine to Maura. 

“Her budding new relationship with Curtis could steal the prize and they’ve been backed into 5/1 from 10/1 to win the series. 

“Tommy and Molly-Mae remain favourites at just 1/3, but there’s plenty of momentum behind Curtis and Maura with a little under two weeks to go.”

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2. 

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