Loose Women’s Denise Welch shares she enjoys sex now more than ever

On Tuesday's episode of Loose Women, the panel discussed sex positions for people over a certain age or for those who have experienced ill-health.

The Loose Women discussed the new guide released by a Norwegian broadcaster to help those suffering with certain health conditions.

The guide contains 60 different sex positions to provide comfort and prevent aches and pains while having sex. One of the positions is called the 'Squeezing Koala'.

Ruth mentioned a poll that Loose Women posted on Twitter, which asked "Has ill health stopped you from being intimate with a partner?" 60% of the people who took part said that ill-health has impacted upon their sex life with their partner .

During the debate Ruth, Denise, Gloria and Carol discussed sex as you get older and how sex changes after periods of ill-health.

Gloria Hunniford said: "Obviously I'm the oldest on the panel today, and if you think I'm going to talk about my sex life you have another thing coming."

Denise Welch later said: "When we talk about sex on this show, because we're all older women, the amount of comments afterwards of people not wanting us to talk about it because we're older.

The 63-year-old then dropped a bombshell: "Well, I enjoy sex now more than ever."

Like she predicted, this caused a flurry a comments online.

One Twitter use said: "We DON’T want to hear about your sex lives Denise"

While another said: "C'mon, trying to eat my lunch here!"

And another chimed in with: "4 has beens talking sex. Britain daytime tv at its finest"

This discussion came after Denise, 63 and Gloria, 81 clashed over the government's handling of the pandemic.

Denise criticised football fans who gathered in London and insisted that restrictions had to end, shouting: "When do we move on?"

Gloria had another opinion and chimed in with: "Hang on just one second. Not anyone in the country doesn't want lockdown to end and the double standards are very hard to understand.

"However, with the Indian virus in 24 hour there were 11,000 people confirmed."

Shouting back at the 81-year-old, Denise replied: "But there's no escalation in deaths, Gloria. When do we move on? There have been flatline deaths since April."

This row came after Denise wasn't allowed to get in the ambulance with her dad when he was taken to hospital, claiming: "I'm not allowed, double jabbed, to travel in an ambulance while this is going on with my father."

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