Line of Duty fans think season one reveals that Kate is the real H

Line of Duty has premiered from the beginning on BBC, and fans have been loving watching the show for a second time (or being introduced to it for the first time ever)! However, some fans are convinced that season one provides some serious answers about the show – and that Kate Fleming might actually be the real ‘H’. 

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Even in series one, Kate is H.” She added: “Hand on heart. Very Kaiser Souzai (If you’ve seen The Usual Suspects). Always positioning herself to know something, make innocent suggestions etc. Convinced!” Another person added: “Oh my goodness really?! I’ve watched it from the start and can’t call who H is. But your thoughts have intrigued me.” 

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Craig Parkinson, who plays DI Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan in the much loved BBC show, previously joked that Kat was indeed a prime suspect behind ‘H’ – a corrupt police officer in charge of a network of ‘bent coppers’ on This Morning

Chatting to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford during the morning magazine show to celebrate BBC re-airing old episodes of the crime drama, the actor explained: “If you haven’t seen the show, it’s going to be really exciting for you and it’s going to be really exciting even if you have seen it, to piece together little clues and little twists here and there. And the main thing is, don’t ask anybody about it, don’t listen to anybody about it and above all, don’t trust any of these characters. Especially Vicky McClure!” 

Do you think that Kate is the real H?

Vicky, who plays Kate, also spoke about the future of the show, telling Eamonn Holmes: “I haven’t seen the last scripts, so I don’t know [who is H] as of yet which is great because I’m in an interview and I can’t really say much about it anyway!”

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