Linda Robson makes sex confession after insisting she ‘doesn’t need anyone’

Loose Women: Linda Robson hits that she is now single

Linda Robson admitted she doesn’t need anyone and is happy on her own following rumours she’s split from her husband Mark Dunford.

During Monday’s instalment of Loose Women, the panel were discussing whether or not people are more likely to settle as they get older.

Panellist Christine Lampard highlighted how you can look for love regardless of age as Coleen Nolan agreed.

She commented: “People are changing their lives and moving on much later on in life now.

“If things go wrong they’re moving on and they’re dating again. I think it’s great, I’ve embraced it and I’ve loved it.

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Turning to her co-star Linda, the 65-year-old jokingly told Coleen not to ask her.

She replied: “I’ve got companions, I’ve got friends, I’ve got you a lot, I’ve got my grandchildren, I’ve got my kids. I don’t need anyone else, I’m happy as I am.”

However, it seemed as though Coleen disagreed as she interjected to admit having those people in your life isn’t the same thing.

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Linda added: “I like doing things on my own anyway when I go away I can watch what I want on the telly, I can eat what I want.”

Agreeing she also liked to do those things, Coleen asked whether or not Linda only had that opinion as she was scared.

She replied: “Well imagine having to get undressed, I’ve never got undressed in front of my husband let alone a stranger or someone that I’ve just met.

“I know I talk about sex a lot but I haven’t had it in about two years, I can’t be a***d with that anymore.”

In August, Linda addressed the rumours about her split with Mark as she admitted they were still living together at the time.

Admitting that every marriage has “hiccups”, she’s yet to officially confirm a split from Mark.

Loose Women continues weekdays on ITV from 12.30pm.

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