Lauren Goodger prepares to break new lockdown rules as she invites 'anyone who wants to come' to her birthday party

LAUREN Goodger is preparing to break the new lockdown rules as she invites "anyone who wants to come" to her birthday party.

The Towie star, 33, didn't let the new government rules – which hands out £100 fines to anyone in a gathering over six people – ruin her birthday preparations.

In fact, Lauren posted in defiance of the new rules, writing on her Instagram Story: "64 million people took advantage of the 'eat out to help out' scheme, that's 64 million people that actually sat in a restaurant with no mask and guess what? They all survived!!!"

Continuing to ignore the incoming rules, Lauren wrote: "Going organise my bday!!! Soooo details to follow happy for everyone to come hahahaha! I am going with my friends dinner drinks and a maddd party choosing locations now restaurant – club [sic.]".

She then kept her fans up-to-date on her birthday plans, even including a screenshot of her friends' WhatsApp group, titled: "My birthday 19th sept".

The star captioned the pic "When you get told to leave ya own birthday chat! Ok my bday plans in your hands!!"

Then she confirmed a party was on the cards, saying: "Ok looks like I am renting a mansion for my bday and having a weekend party… details to follow !!!"

After she shared a photo of the Essex mansion, complete with outside decking, multiple bedrooms and a dining room, which she labelled: "My birthday venue pending".

Lauren asked for a mini bus driver, outfit and makeup artist, before finally inviting her friends.

The final post read: "Can you dm me if you want to come to my birthday party on 19th sept ! I'm booking a venue due to new lockdown! Please dm so I can put you on the list ! This is my friend work colleagues and family.

"If your not on the list you ain't coming #mansionpartyweekend [sic.]"

Boris Johnson confirmed today that the rules of how many people you can meet – which will change from Monday – mean people could be slapped with a £100 fine if they're seen in a large group.

This doubles each time they are caught up to a maximum of £3,200.

Weddings, funerals and team sports are exempt – but must limit their numbers to 30.

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