Kirstie Alsopp suffers ‘awful’ repercussions after dramatic fall on Location, Location, Location set

Location Location Location star Kirstie Allsopp has opened up about the "awful" aftermath to her accident on set, admitting that she's been left "bruised and battered" by the incident.

In September, the 52-year-old revealed that she had fallen down the stairs of a pub whilst filming the Channel 4 show and was taken to hospital.

“I lay on the floor for 20 minutes, the ambulance man picked me up, did tests, and they said, ‘Look, you haven’t got a major spinal injury, but you’ve obviously done something, so you should probably go for an X-ray,’” she remembered.

“I went back up the stairs and by that time this adrenaline high, which I’d never had before, kicked in. Oh my God, that stuff’s amazing,” she added.

“I was laughing, I was chatty. Gus, my lovely work driver, took me to hospital, and I was lying across the back seat and I was literally chatting away, telling stories.”

But it wasn’t long before the high wore off and Kirstie was left with the “awful” repercussions.

“It’s my tailbone — I can’t go to a certain point,” she said, leaning forward. “So I can’t go on my rowing machine, which is a real bore, because that’s my quick sweat high. It’s the one thing I can’t do yet. There are other things — I’ve now become funny about running for trains.”

The TV presenter told fans on social media that she lost her footing on the staircase of a pub in Stoke Newington and fell down the entire flight of steps.

"I was filming a chat with our lovely house hunters Beth and Rory, I went off to the loo. Unfortunately, I got something wrong and I ended up falling down an entire flight of stairs," she told her social media followers at the time.

"At the time it was incredibly painful, it didn’t feel that comic but when I was lying with my dress around my waist on the pub floor by the toilets, which I had been heading to, I did think, there is a comic element to it!"

Kirstie spoke to OK! about her plans for Christmas with husband Ben Andersen and their sons Bay, 17, and Oscar, 15 – with the family heading to New York for a festive trip.

"We’re in a hotel — I’ve never been to New York for Christmas so I’m beside myself with excitement," she said.

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas airs on Sunday 10 December at 8pm on Channel 4.

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