Katie Price's boyfriend Carl, 31, says he was a HUGE fan of the star, 42, and had six posters of her as a teen

KATIE Price's boyfriend Carl Woods has revealed how much of a huge fan he was of the former glamour model as a teen.

The former Love Island star, 31, has been dating the 42-year-old since July 2020 and admitted he had posters of her alter ego 'Jordan' plastered around his room.

Although he admired her appearance in glossy magazine spreads, the reality TV star explained he wasn't a fan of Katie's partying past and claimed they wouldn't be together if she was still "going through that stage".

In a new interview with Closer, he shared: "I’ve known her since I was 15 – she just didn’t know it then. I had about six posters of her on my wall!

"But it’s funny because the reality is even better than the fantasy; Katie is a lot more 'me' than the old Jordan would have been.

"Now she isn’t drinking and being wild. She has settled down and we enjoy a quiet family life," he continued. "In truth, if I’d met Katie a few years ago when she was going through that stage, we wouldn’t have worked out.

"If she was still her 'Jordan' alter ego we would have clashed, because I hate partying. I can’t stand the 'Jordan' thing. I think Katie probably struggled to let go of the 'Jordan' alter ego for a while…

"People call me her toyboy, but I’ve got an old head, whereas she has a young head, so we balance each other out," he concluded.

The pair plan to get married this year following a whirlwind romance and both have explained how their relationship blossomed after Katie broke her feet on their holiday to Turkey.

Yesterday, the former Loose Women panellist said she wee'd herself as Carl carried her to the toilet when she was wheelchair bound and unable to walk.

But her injuries brought the couple closer together, as the former Love Island star stepped up to the plate and cared for Katie during her recovery.

Speaking about her "life changing" accident she said on Steph's Packed Lunch: "I can only be on my feet for 20 minutes each day …. I’m not on painkillers because I don’t want to be addicted to them.

"Carl and I got to know each other very very quickly. He had to carry me everywhere, and there were a few accidents on the way to the toilet… we got to know each other very quick.”

Katie and Carl moved into together last year and she also revealed some of the first times he met her disabled son Harvey.

Katie said: “In the middle of the night Harvey will come in the room just naked… he just doesn’t understand you’ve got to keep your clothes on. And (Carl) woke up, and Harvey’s just standing there naked…”

About her future and life with Carl, she confirmed the couple are trying for a baby and she's keen to have her sixth child.

She said: "Carl’s been with me now a year, and he’s changed me as a person, my whole life has changed.

"I went into the Priory at the beginning of last year, for lots of reasons, media stuff, past stuff, and I spent five weeks in the Priory and it was the best thing that I ever did, and I’ve come out like a brand new person… I think people should be scared because I’m back.

"I’m going back to my press calls when I dress up absolute ridiculous just because I love dressing up, the usual stuff is coming back and obviously I’m trying for a baby so then I’ll do baby stuff, why not?

"I am what I am, I make mistakes, I’ve said things in the past, I stick up for myself, I am what I am, and I hope people can relate to it."

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