Katie Price reveals Harvey has landed an eight-part BBC series about trains – but admits 'I'm not bloody interested'

KATIE Price has revealed that her son Harvey has landed himself an eight-part series about trains – but the mum-of-five admits she’s “not bloody interested”.

The teen wowed bosses at the Beeb after appearing alongside his mum in their recent documentary, which won rave reviews, and he’ll reportedly now get the chance to share his passion. 

Speaking about his potential new opportunity, Katie told Community Living magazine: “On the back of it, the BBC have offered Harvey and his friend Zac an 8-part series on trains and automobiles. There will be some gorgeous trains like the Bluebell Railway.

“I am not interested in bloody trains. Me and Jaenette (Zac’s mum) will be sitting there having our tea and sandwiches saying ‘what are we bloody doing here on a train station?’ But, as long as they are happy, that’s what matters.”

The documentary Harvey and Me aired earlier this year and followed their research into him going to a residential college later this year so that he can learn to have a more independent life.

It was so popular they will be doing a follow up one, catching up on the next step of his journey.

I am not interested in bloody trains

During the first hour-long show, viewers were left emotional as Harvey and his pal Zach discussed their love of trains at London's Waterloo station before they made their own train announcements.

Another scene showed Harvey overcome with emotion as he visited his local train station – a common day out for the teen and his mum.

In light of the moving documentary, fans rallied behind Harvey's love of locomotives and targeted British train companies on social media, campaigning for him to voice a pre-recorded train announcement.

It was later revealed that he was going to be a train announcer for Network Rail after impressing them with his skills.

Network Rail confirmed the offer on Instagram, sharing a screenshot of a news article about Harvey being offered the role.

It is expected that Harvey's new role will see him pre-record train announcement messages that will play in some stations.

Harvey needs 24/7 care after he was born with a series of disabilities, including ADHD, autism, genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness.

The Sun Online has contacted the BBC for comment.

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