Kate Garraway reveals Dominic West apologised to her after saying he ‘jumped for joy’ over Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis

KATE Garraway revealed actor Dominic West called her to apologise for tactless comments he made about Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis on Friday's Good Morning Britain.

The Affair and The Wire star, 50, said he "jumped for joy" when he heard the President had contracted the virus.

His words were particularly tactless as Kate's husband Derek has been seriously ill in hospital for six months after he was struck by the illness.

And today Kate said that Dominic quickly said sorry for any upset caused.

She explained: "He apologised personally to me. He wasn't aware Derek was still sick."

Piers Morgan watched the extraordinary exchange from home on Friday, and it left a bad taste in his mouth.

Speaking upon his return to the studio, he said: "Forget Trump's behaviour. As a human being. to say you jumped for to joy and to say it when you have a husband in a coma, I felt that was unacceptable."

On Friday Dominc said from his Wiltshire home: "Well I did slightly leap in the air with joy.

"He said 'it is what it is', and I think the phrase is 'what goes around comes around'. I just hope it doesn't interfere with him being elected out of office that's all."

Kate gave him a chance to clarify his words, suggesting he wished Trump well on a personal level but perhaps felt there was an element of karma after the President downplayed the virus earlier in the year.

But Dominic doubled down and continued: "Well there's an element of schadenfreude I suppose. I'm not a fan of his, as you can probably tell, and I just hope Biden stays healthy and gets the presidency as quickly as possible.

"I think Trump is a catastrophe for America and the world."

He added that he hoped the diagnosis would make Trump supporters take the virus more seriously.

Viewers were incensed by his callous assessment, with one writing: "@GMB well GMB having Dominic West on saying what he has shows that any impartiality and integrity you have has gone down the pan. Mr West must watch that karma does not visit him."

Another seethed: "dominic west orgasmic over the trump news #GMB."

A third fumed: "Kate Garraway 'let's talk about something nicer this morning…' Dominic West, describe Trump's karma…' T**t #GMB."

Kate's husband Derek has been seriously ill in hospital for six months after being stuck down by the virus.

Much of that time has been spent in a coma as the virus ravaged his organs, causing him to lose a lot of weight.

And his parents have been unable to see him during that time as they try and stay safe from Covid.

The tragic situation prompted some viewers to find Dominic's words tactless as he spoke to Kate.

One asked: "How can @PrincesTrust possibly reconcile having @DominicWest as a patron when he has just expressed such joy about someone catching a deadly virus .. whilst speaking to someone who’s husband almost died!???"

As a fifth raged: "What a bitter a*****le Dominic West is!!! #GMB."

The actor was not the only person to revel in the news Trump was unwell – with trolls hurling online abuse at the President.

Twitter users also told the President to "try drinking bleach" in reference to when Trump suggested injecting patients with disinfectant to treat the deadly virus.

Some people online have called the diagnosis the "first good news of 2020" – with just 32 days until the presidential election.

Another tweeted: "We are waiting to see you drink bleach. #TrumpHasCovid"

One user said: "Not to be mean or anything but I hope he dies."

Verified user Michael Bonfiglio posted on Twitter: "I hope Trump’s diagnosis wakes his supporters up to the reality of the pandemic and also that it makes him suffer and die."

Social justice activist Emily Gorcenski told her 87k followers: "We should be more concerned than we are if Donald Trump dies of COVID. For example, consider The Hague never getting their chance."

Another said: "Donald, don't worry. All you have to do is inject some bleach.

"Like a miracle, it'll disappear.

"Thoughts and prayers."

The US President had previously suggested injecting Covid patients with disinfectant to kill the virus – a comment which drew widespread criticism from medical professionals.

Dr Hilary Jones said the President was at 90 times more risk of serious consequences or dying from the illness than an 18-year-old, citing his age, sex and weight as factors.

President Trump tested positive for coronavirus along with First Lady Melania – and vowed: "We will get through this together."

The 74-year-old announced the positive results, hours after it was revealed his top aide tested positive for COVID.

Trump revealed that he and Melania will remain in quarantine – in what could set back his campaign with just 32 days until the presidential election.

"Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19," Trump tweeted on Friday morning.

"We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately.

"We will get through this TOGETHER!" he added.

It comes after Hope Hicks – one of his closest advisers – tested positive for the virus on Wednesday.

Trump wrote: "Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without even taking a small break, has just tested positive for Covid 19. Terrible!

"The First Lady and I are waiting for our test results. In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!"

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press Secretary, said the "strength of the entire country is with the President".

Hicks' positive diagnosis, which reportedly came on Wednesday, was revealed by reporters on Thursday.

Trump initially said "I don't know" whether he and Melania would quarantine, but later confirmed online that they were doing so.

A prolonged period of quarantine could hamper Trump's re-election campaign with just 32 days to go until the election.

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