Kate Ferdinand says she was scared to admit she hasn't been breastfeeding her son Cree

KATE Ferdinand has revealed she was scared to admit she hasn't been breastfeeding her son Cree.

The reality star feared a backlash from mum-shaming trolls on Instagram.

She admitted she felt nervous about sharing aspects of her motherhood journey in case the "breastfeeding police" and trolls gave her a hard time.

Kate, 29, shared a photo of her bottle feeding Cree in her arms and said: "Me and my bubba ☺️🤍I just love it when he looks at me when I’m feeding him 🥰

"I chose not to breastfeed Cree, for so many reasons and I was worried about admitting it at first as their is so much pressure to breastfeed, but thankfully now I just know that a fed baby is a happy baby and Cree is the happiest little soul and we are so grateful."

Kate was thanked for her honesty from mums who have also been unable to breastfeed or chosen not to.

One said: "This post warms me so much! Having had a double mastectomy it was so hard for me to constantly tell people I wasn’t breast feeding – even worse when they asked why! Fed is best ❤️ thank you for using your platform to raise awareness for the rest of us xxx"

Another person wrote: "Thank you for being the first celebrity I have ever seen to say this. I didn’t breastfeed my baby and I felt a lot of the time I couldn’t tell people because it wasn’t the “right” thing to do. Our reasons were our reasons and have helped us create a lovely family balance, it was the best decision we could have made. Love this post and thank you for sharing ❤️"

Last month Kate said she had returned to work for the first time, 10 weeks after giving birth to first baby with hubby Rio.

Kate looked thrilled to be getting back in front of the camera for a photoshoot and told her fans she enjoyed the glam makeover for a change.

Alongside the smiling snap, she wrote: "Such a fun day at my first shoot back 🤍 My blanket, slippers & pjs always come with me … home comforts 🥰.

The star fell pregnant last year after beginning to try for a baby in 2018, as Rio's three children admitted they were keen to welcome another sibling to the brood.

Last month, Kate admitted she had broken down in tears after struggling to deal with little Cree's crying.

Kate wrote to fans that while she'd hoped the screaming baby would "drown out the sound of her tears", lockdown meant that "little ears were listening in".

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