Jon & Kate Gosselin's rarely-seen daughter Cara, 20, SNUBS her father in college sports bio as family remains divided

JON & Kate Gosselin's rarely-seen daughter Cara SNUBBED her father in a college sports bio as the family remains divided.

The 20-year-old is on the rowing team at Fordham University where she left her father out of her personal bio on the school's website.

Below a picture of the college sophomore in her uniform, the school included details about the sports star's academic and athletic accomplishments thus far, and her family of supporters.

In her bio, Cara gave a nod to her mother, twin sister Mady, and her six younger siblings, but did not mention her dad.

Estranged dad

Jon has been estranged from most of his children since his ongoing custody battle with his ex-wife Kate began.

Of the couple's 16-year-old sextuplets, Hannah and Collin live with Jon, while Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel reside with Kate.

Cara and her twin sister Madelyn both live on their respective college campuses.

The sextuplets snub Jon

Back in March, Jon revealed on the Dr. Oz Show, that his children living with Kate didn't contact him when he was in the hospital with COVID-19.

Dr. Oz asked: “Did you ever hear from any of the kids that are with Kate or are in college after it was made public that you had COVID not just had covid but were deathly ill, could've died."

Jon replied: “No, I didn't hear from them, I think Hannah might have told Leah."

Jon said there is “just a disconnect” with his children not living with him.

He added the strain could be “parent alienation” after he and Kate divorced in 2009.

“I can’t really reach out to them and there’s legalities. I can’t, like, go to where they move. It would be trespassing.”

Jon went on: “I guess my plight to them, or what I really want to say is, ‘I love you, my door is always open, you’re welcome anytime, there’s no regrets or hard feelings or any of those negative things.'

“'You can always come see me or come see Hannah and Collin.’”

Jon's Covid battle

In January, Jon revealed on the Dr. Oz show his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad's daughter, Jordan, took him to the hospital when he had a 104.8 degree fever.

“I was in a wheelchair. I had to wait in the ER. It was packed, like, the hospital was full and then they put me on a gurney and put me in the hallway in the waiting room, so I could get a temporary room.”

“Then I just remember sleeping and it was just surreal

“Like, ‘What?’ I didn’t even realize why I was there until, like, three days later.”

Jon battled Covid just months after his son accused him of abusive behavior, punching him in the face and kicking him in the ribs.

After the allegations went public, Hannah defended her father revealing to The Daily Mail he “loves us… he’s never been abusive.”

In a statement, Jon's representative said: “Jon Gosselin is a loving father who has never abused his son."

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