Joe & Kendra Duggar slammed for bringing week-old baby Brooklyn to Justin & Claire's maskless wedding in Texas

JOE and Kendra Duggar were slammed for bringing their week-old baby Brooklyn to Justin and Claire's maskless wedding in Texas.

Duggars from all over the country flocked to the young couple's wedding on February 26 including Joe and Kendra.

Kendra's mom, Christina, took to Instagram to show off her new granddaughter as the 41-year-old expects a baby of her own.

"We. Are. Smitten. it’s amazing how our hearts grow bigger with each one!" t he mother-of-nine wrote. "Brooklyn Praise you are a precious gift, loved and treasured. #grandchildrenareablessing#brooklyn#praise"

She also shared multiple pictures of her and her husband, Paul, holding and lovingly looking at Brooklyn – but Counting On fans noticed that one of the pictures was of Paul holding the baby at Justin's wedding two weeks ago.

One Redditor shared on the platform: "I’m not surprised, but geez. And Christina Caldwell was likely there too – she’s high risk supposedly and about 28 weeks pregnant currently…these people are so irresponsible."

A second one commented: "My friend’s baby is almost one and she hasn’t even been able to have her parents hold her baby yet due to the pandemic.

"These people are at a maskless super-spreader event. The rub-it-in-your face carelessness by these fundies (who have now mostly gotten Covid) is very entitled and frankly, un-Christian-like.

"Good luck to you, Brooklyn Praise, and in-utero baby Caldwell."

A third one slammed the young couple and said: "This makes me absolutely livid and also sad.

"How f**king selfish of these people to throw a super spreader wedding during a pandemic and how selfish of them to expect their daughter-in-law to show up DAYS after giving birth?

"Boobs leaking milk, bleeding like crazy into her own diaper, sore and exhausted and emotional as hell and sleep-deprived. And how selfish that ANYONE thought it would be a good idea to bring a newborn to this event, pandemic aside.

"And it makes me SO angry that this culture calls themselves pro-life but yet treats women in general, but especially women in their family like total and utter s**t.

How selfish of them to expect their daughter-in-law to show up DAYS after giving birth

"And I feel SO sad for her that like saying “ no” was never a f**king option. From cradle to the grave, these girls and women never have any true autonomy over their own lives."

A fourth one talked about their own experience with small gatherings for Covid-19 and wrote: "My grandfather's funeral had 6 people…

"Sp many people in my family had to miss it because of regulations. f**k these people seriously, they are the reason this has not ended already."

And a fifth one simply commented: "They're so negligent."

Justin and Claire tied the knot one month earlier than what was originally planned.

The news comes shortly after The Sun reported that the couple were set to wed on Friday.

An insider revealed that the loved-up teens, who initially listed the date as being in April on their online registry, would say 'I do' in an "indoor/outdoor ceremony" in Azle.

The small city is just west of Fort Worth, TX.

The source added that "nobody will be forced to wear a mask" at the wedding and guests will be free to mingle at the romantic venue despite the global pandemic.

Regarding the wedding, an insider exclusively told The Sun: "Justin and Claire wanted to get married sooner and seem to have thrown everyone off by telling fans it would be in April."

They continued: "They've kept the details super under wraps, but the ceremony is in fact on Friday in Azle, and everyone is excited for them to make this commitment to one another.

"Despite COVID, they've invited hundreds of guests for an indoor/outdoor ceremony and nobody will be forced to wear a mask, which isn't surprising considering recent family events.

"It will be a huge affair with Justin's parents Jim Bob and Michelle and the siblings already in town preparing for the big day, even his sister Jinger and husband Jeremy have flown in from Los Angeles.

The source added: "Everyone is thrilled to be able to celebrate their wedding with them after such a bad year, and no doubt there will be baby news before long."

Just three days before the wedding, Kendra revealed she and Joe had welcomed their third child together, a daughter, on February 19.

The couple already share a son, Garrett, 2, and daughter, Addison, 1.

Just months after welcoming Addison in November 2019, the couple revealed they were expecting baby number three.

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