Jessica Mulroney breaks her silence to reveal she was in 'the worst state' after racism backlash & Meghan Markle fallout

JESSICA Mulroney has broken her silence to reveal she was "in the worst state" following her racism backlash and fallout with former best friend, Meghan Markle.

The embattled stylist, who has not been since in public in months, made a return to Instagram on Tuesday to celebrate her twin sons, Brian and John, turning 10, sharing a video of her husband Ben carrying a birthday cake into their garden in Toronto.

In an emotional message, she wrote: "Happy 10th to my twin babies. My incredible family have had to witness mom in the worst state.

"These two boys have not left my side and gave me the will to live and work hard when everything fell apart. They deserve the best birthday. Only up from here."

Fans were quick to welcome Jessica back to the social media platform after the scandal involving black influencer Sasha Exeter, who accused her of abusing her white privilege in an epic social media showdown.

One supporter wrote: "You made a bad judgement call. But you are human. We all make mistakes. Sadly yours cost you more than they cost most people in your industry.

"A lot of people know your sorry and you can't keep beating yourself up. You gotta move forward. You have 4 people cheering you on at home. "You can and will rebuild yourself from the person you are today. You are a good person. Keep your chin up. It is gonna get better i promise @jessicamulroney."

A source told The Sun: "As soon as she posted this, people immediately began DMing to each other in both media and society circles, here in Canada – and beyond – which, let's face it, was probably exactly the reaction she wanted.

"Jessica certainly does not miss an opportunity, for it to be on the same day as the release of Meghan and Harry's biography, Finding Freedom, it's a good attempt to steal some of the thunder."

After posting her video this morning, which shows her sons blowing out their birthday candles as her daughter Isabel sings happy birthday, some followers decided to mock her.

One pointed out her fallout from Meghan, claiming she'd been "dumped," to which Jessica fired back: "Fake news. Just stop."

As reported, the argument initially exploded last month when Sasha shared a 'call to action,' asking fans to use their online profiles to promote the Black Lives Matter movement, to which Jessica took offense – feeling it was aimed directly at her.

The two women became embroiled in a nasty spat, with Sasha accusing Jessica of "threatening" her livelihood, which the stylist denied, after which she sent her a private message reading: "Liable suit, good luck [sic]."

Jessica, 40, apologized for her behavior amid an outcry as followers branded her a "bully" and a "racist", but she was later dropped from bridal show 'I Do, Redo' with bosses at Canada's CTV saying her comments clashed with their "commitment to diversity and equality."

She later lost her job on ABC's Good Morning America, along with a number of fashion deals, and despite a second apology sources claimed former royal Meghan was "mortified and heartbroken" as she chose to keep her distance.

In an Instagram video, Sasha said: "Here is what happens when you call out somebody with privilege and wealth.

"They publicly make an apology and or a statement and privately, behind closed doors, they send you a threat of filing a law suit against you."

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