Jeremy Kyle guests’ epic transformations – rehab, weight loss and dental work

Jeremy Kyle wasn't just a show that brought justice and answers to members of the public using its trusty lie detector to hold sinners accountable.

In fact, the daytime favourite went to extraordinary lengths to amaze and astound with incredible transformations – prior to the programme being swiftly taken off-air two years ago.

When it comes to revamping peoples' lives, The Jeremy Kyle Show had been responsible for some of the most dramatic lifestyle overhauls and glam makeovers known to man.

In 2019, Kristie Bishop appeared on the show for a second time after the show fronted the cash for a 12-week rehab stint, in a desperate bid to help her to boot her 15-year drug battle.

Despite receiving help from the programme and returning to the show looking like a brand new woman, Kristie tragically couldn't overcome her addiction and a recent inquest heard she died a drug-related death.

But Kristie is not the only guest to have been given a second chance – we've delved deep to bring you some of the most epic transformations the show has ever seen.

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Heroin addict Michelle

Much like Kristie, Michelle spent two decades of her life addicted to drugs, often spending £120 a day just to feed her habit.

Back in 2019, Michelle sought help from Jeremy and his army of experts after her sister April had branded her a "thief" and later forbid her from attending their grandfather's funeral.

She was sent on a rehab programme that lasted 10 weeks before returning to the show looking totally revamped.

At the time, she said: "I'm doing great. I love waking up every morning. I've got something to wake up for."

Michelle was living proof that there can be a happy ending and took TikTok a year later to showcase her revitalised skin and short sleek bob cut as she continued to beam with pride.

She penned: "Today a year ago, I came to Luton on the Jeremy Kyle show, to rehab, I'm gonna be a year clean on the 1/12/09."

Gemma Swift

Gemma first hit our screens when she appeared on a Jeremy Kyle Show titled: "Stop harassing me because I'm sleeping with your ex."

She was sleeping with someone else's former partner and was getting harassed for it and so turned to Jezza for help.

But after appearing on the show, Gemma quickly became an internet sensation but for all the wrong reasons.

She was hounded by online trolls and faced endless abuse due to her prominent front teeth.

As a goodwill gesture, ITV bosses invited Gemma back to the show in 2015 and offered to foot the bill for her dentistry treatment, splashing out a cool £10,000.

When Gemma took centre stage again, she unveiled her shiny new veneers and looking radically different.

Showing off her new smile, Gemma told Jeremy: "It's changed my life. I can look in the mirror now and not worry about anything.

"I'm a whole different person now."

Obese Jonathan Kingston

Jonathan had just about hit rock bottom when his mum Sue begged Jeremy for help after his weight had completely snowballed out of control.

Weighing in at 30 stone, Jonathan was unable to work and spent most of his time devouring unhealthy foods such as pot noodle on toast and numerous takeaways.

Due to his size, he was unable to live a normal life and became riddled with anxiety and suffered from depression – that was until he decided to seek help from Jeremy's team in 2017.

He was later sent packing on a military-style bootcamp to kick start his lifestyle overhaul.

After being put through his paces and put on a strict diet, Jonathan was invited back to parade his results.

The audience gasped as he appeared looking razor-sharp in a dapper suit after shedding the pounds.

He said: "It's been a real tough thing, but I persevered.

"My third week, I thought I can't do this anymore but I carried on, for my family and my son, and to prove everyone who thought I was bad wrong."


Allysa was quite possibly one of the most naturally breathtaking guests to have ever glided onto the Jeremy Kyle platform.

As well as dazzling viewers with her beauty, fans of the show were left collecting their jaws from the floor after Matt brought his sister Allysa on – who used to be his identical twin brother.

Back in 2017, Allysa's sheer purpose of attending the ITV programme was to explain how she was now living her life as a woman while explaining how she'd remedied her relationship with her brother.

Matt and Allysa's grand reveal proved to be one of the most joyous and uplifting stories the Jeremy Kyle Show had ever seen.

Viewers couldn't get enough of Allysa's looks with one saying: "Ally is the best looking woman that's been on Jeremy Kyle."

Another tweeted: "Oh my god Ali. So Stunning!".

Heroin addict Lukas

Another mind-blowing transformation was soon-to-be dad Lukas, who was totally dependent on heroin, confessing to Jeremy at the time he needed the drug to "function" on a daily basis.

After facing a tough ultimatum from his girlfriend to fix up his life, otherwise, she'd walk away with their unborn child, he decided the show was his only hope.

Lukas was sent on an extensive six-week recovery programme after appealing for support.

Following his successful stay at the Providence Project in Bournemouth, he returned again, this time full of praise for those who had helped him on his recovery journey.

Jeremy could barely believe his transformation, as he gasped: "Oh my god, you look amazing!"

Cocaine addict Paul

Paul first featured on the show in 2014 after his mum Irene had called for Jeremy's intervention as she was at her wits' end.

His cocaine addiction had begun to affect the entire family after Paul had stolen £1800 from his mum's work to feed his habit, with Irene being fired as a result.

Things spiralled completely out of control after the tattooed dad even "cut his finger off to get into hospital".

After his appearance, Jeremy wasted no time at all in sending Paul to a residential rehab centre in Leicester.

Looking happier and healthier Paul ventured back on stage, beaming like a completely new man.

His tearful mum Irene exclaimed: "It's the best thing that has ever happened. He's himself again. He'll never go back.

"It makes all the difference in the world. You gave me my son back."

Kristie Bishop

Kristie appeared on the ITV daytime favourite next to her mum Dominique, who told Jeremy: "We're so desperate because she's going to die."

At the time of her appearance, Kristie, who was originally from Melton Mowbray, had battled a 15-year addiction with both heroin and crack.

Jeremy's team arranged for Kristie to undergo a 12-week stint in rehab which was paid by the show's bosses.

In February 2019 she came back joined by experts, to flaunt her glam transformation, leaving viewers totally flabbergasted at just how different she appeared.

Speaking to Jeremy in high spirits on the programme, it really seemed that Kristie had really turned her life around, finally overcoming her drug-taking ways.

In spite of the specialist care Kristie had received, an inquest recently heard that the 35-year-old died from a drugs-related death in March this year.

She was found collapsed in her flat with a syringe next to her and was raced off to Luton and Dunstable University Hospital and pronounced dead.

The investigation conducted by Coroner Dr Sean Cummings on October 6, concluded: "Kristie was found collapsed and had been in that position for a prolonged period.

"As a result of that, the doctor told me she had a condition called rhabdomyolysis – where the muscles die and break down.

"It floods the body with toxins… the collapse was started with drug use.

"The muscle breakdown put a great deal of strain on her other organs, her heart and particularly her kidneys."

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