Jane the Novela: Gina Rodriguez talks Jane the Virgin spin-off

The CW recently announced that its ordered a pilot for a Jane the Virgin spin-off, titled Jane the Novela, which has been described as a telenovela anthology series where each season is based on a different fictional novel “written by” Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) and narrated by the author herself. The first installment takes place at a Napa Valley Vineyard, where family secrets (and family members) don’t stay buried for long.

Jane showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman and star Gina Rodriguez — who are both attached to the spin-off as executive producers — took the stage Thursday during the 2019 Winter Television Critics Association press tour, where they confirmed that Rodriguez will serve as the narrator. But when asked if we’d see other Jane cast members on the spin-off, Urman said, “Probably not the first year,” before adding, “Once we get a year where we establish new characters, then we can see what comes… I love [the Jane the Virgin] cast I’d be lucky to work with every single one of them again and I really hope to.”

Rodriguez added that spin-off writer Valentine Garza knocked the pilot out of the park. “It is fantastic. The pilot is unbelievable,” Rodriguez said. “We hope we can give something just as great as we did with Jane the Virgin.”

As for Jane‘s final season, things kick off on Wednesday, March 27.

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