James Argent looks slimmer than ever after leaving Sink Or Swim viewers in hysterics by swimming the WRONG WAY in cross channel charity race

JAMES Argent showed off his slimmed-down physique as he hit the town last night – hours after Sink Or Swim fans were left in stitches by him swimming the English Channel in the wrong direction.

Just moments after the challenge got underway, the former Towie star awkwardly began paddling back towards the White Cliffs of Dover instead of France.

Clearly a left a little disorientated by his tight headgear and goggles, Arg had absolutely no clue he was headed the wrong way – despite the rest of the celebs shouting out to him.

Fortunately the star soon realised the error of his ways and began swimming towards France.

The moment left viewers in hysterics, with one joking: "Arg: don’t worry team, I’ll bring us home. * immediately swims back to Dover* #SinkOrSwim."

Another mocked: "Only #Arg could swim in the wrong direction #SinkOrSwim."

A third laughed: "'Arg youre going the wrong way!' – f**ks sake, would be him wouldnt it #SinkorSwim."

Even the reality TV star poked fun at himself, tweeting: "Only I could go the wrong way."

The Sun Online revealed last week that 12 stars, including Alex Booker, Sair Khan and Wes Nelson, were just five miles from the end when they were hauled out of the water after weather conditions were deemed dangerous.

But despite looking devastated at the time, Arg looked back at his best as he partied at pal Chris Eubank Jr's star-studded birthday bash last night.

Dressed in a slimming all-black outfit, the star could barely contain his smile as he headed into the fancy bash with a designer bag tucked under his arm.

In an appearance on the series documenting the lead up to the Channel crossing, Arg's girlfriend Gemma Collins revealed James had put on so much weight it was effecting their sex life.

Arg wanted to take part in the show to help him get control of his weight gain.

But Gemma, who he has been with since 2018, said: "I can notice the difference in you. I can get my arms around you now when I cuddle you in bed.

"And when you love someone it's not about their size or whatever, but we can't be as we used to be in the bedroom. We can't, no offence."

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