James ‘Arg’ Argent reveals he’s hit 24st and is worried he’ll ‘die’ if he doesn’t lose weight – The Sun

THE busy shipping lanes of the English Channel are about to see another floating object picked up by the coastguard’s radar.

James 'Arg' Argent is practising his front crawl for Channel 4’s Sink Or Swim — and says his attempt to reach France under his own steam might save his life.

His weight has ballooned and he fears he could die if he doesn’t slim. In an exclusive interview, James said: “I’ve had check-ups. My heart’s OK, I have no signs of diabetes and my cholesterol is not too high.

“But I was weighed and I was the biggest I’d ever been — around 24 stone. I could become ill or die. The swim is an opportunity to sort my life out.”

James will attempt to swim from England to France as part of the series which is raising money for Stand Up To Cancer.

He revealed: “One of my favourite films is Sexy Beast with Ray Winstone. My dream is to swim the Channel in a pair of Sexy Beast Speedos.”

We have shown what Arg might look like as hardman Ray in the Brit ­gangster flick. right.

He added: “I need to lose about eight stone or more. I’ve got a long way to go even after I swim the Channel. But it’s just a perfect way to kick-start my healthy weight loss.

“I get a bit of stick on social media for my size. You try to be thick-skinned but it does affect you.”

At least he will have a bit of extra insulation for that long, chilly swim across the ­Channel.

A snack decision for Fred

CANNY Channel 4 bosses have found a way to cash in on the public’s love of snacking. Snackmasters, fronted by First Dates maitre d’ Fred Sirieix, will feature two chefs battling it out to recreate popular treats.

The snacks they will try to replicate in the four-part cookery show include a Kit Kat, Snickers bar, the Burger King Whopper and a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch.

Fred said: “I have worked with top chefs all my life. I know only too well how competitive and particular they are. However, this is a challenge on a different scale. It is the defining moment of their career.

“Can they actually replicate a world-famous snack? How will they go about it? Believe me when I say this – these snacks are the hardest thing they ever had to make.”

It sounds moreish.


POLDARK viewers were confused by the drama’s cliffhanger ending on BBC1 last week, where Ross was seen hugging wife Demelza before the screen went black and he woke in a cave. Don’t worry all will be revealed in this Sunday’s episode.

How to sneak into UK

AFTER the success of reality show Hunted, Channel 4 producers have planned a spin-off series called Smuggled.

The two-parter will see ten ordinary citizens dropped in the middle of Europe without their passports to see if they can slip back into the UK. A source close to production, which has already started, said: “The contestants will have to try to evade Border Force authorities.

“It’s an unprecedented national security experiment using a huge variety of methods. Bosses are psyched about this exciting TV project. It’s a thrilling adventure series which will show how hard, or easy, it might be for the thousands of desperate immigrants who try to cross the UK borders.

“The casting director has pulled out all the stops finding an eclectic mix of blaggers. It’s obviously quite a risky show, so a lot of care is being taken in regards to safety.”

Well, you certainly can’t say it’s not original.

When going gets toff for Robson

IT looks like Robson Green is giving posh students a lesson in unarmed combat – in new scenes being filmed for Grantchester.

The ITV period drama saw his character – former war hero-turned- police inspector Geordie Keating – at Cambridge University, where he becomes embroiled in the punch-up with the youngsters.

I am pretty confident I know who’ll come off worse there.


HE played the hot priest in Phoebe Waller-Bridge's hit series Fleabag, now Andrew Scott is joining the cast of hot new drama His Dark Materials.

The actor ­­­– who has also starred as Sherlock nemesis Moriarty opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Bond baddie Max Denbigh in Spectre ­­­– will take up the key role of ex-Marine Colonel John Parry in the new show. It is set to air this autumn on BBC1.

With such a heroic part, there is no doubt Andrew will have Phoebe pursuing him again.


IN Emmerdale, Moira is determined to prove a point but has a close call. Dawn has a plan and Paddy tells Bear the truth.  Meanwhile, Harriet decides to plead Will’s case.

In Eastenders, Phil continues to search for answers about the night of his attack – which is bad news for Kat and Ben as he gets closer to the truth.

Elsewhere, Callum helps with a new lead on finding Louise, Muski arrives in the Square to see Jack and Gray shares good news about his career with Chantelle.

Leo regrets his night of passion after a missing Carmen empties his bank account in Neighbours.  Plus, Elly remains concerned that Bea and Finn are not right for each other.

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