ITV I’m A Celebrity cast feuds ‘exposed’ from rolled eyes to tension brewing

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is back on ITV and there's already been some tension between the famous campmates.

From Nella Rose's argument with Fred Sirieix in camp to Tony Bellew's social media posts about Nigel Farage years before they both signed up for the gruelling ITV reality show, there's a lot of drama brewing.

The 10 contestants have been living together in the Australian jungle and were joined by late arrivals Tony and Frankie Dettori. The group has since been split into two separate camps which is likely to cause rivalry between the cast.

Behavioural expert Nicole Greenfield-Smith, working with Heart Bingo, spoke to Daily Star about potential feuds that could erupt in camp.

Danielle and Nigel

She said: "Danielle has been taking a keen interest in the political conversations since the start, but has stayed relatively quiet – until now. During this week's 'debate' between Nigel and Nella, Danielle's expressions and body language showed her distaste for Nigel's opinions. She repeatedly tried to find a route into the conversation, but was spoken over by the two strong personalities. As her confidence continues grows, expect to see Danielle become more vocal with Nigel."

Grace and Nigel

There's a bit of tension between Grace and Nigel. Nicole noted that Grace didn't seem too pleased during Nigel's chat about getting more airtime if you do the trial, and she's been giving him some funny looks since they started. She knows he's playing the game and she's not a fan, but she's been keeping out of the tricky chats… for now.

She added: "Now that they're in the 'away' camp with tougher conditions and fewer campmates to act as a buffer, it's likely things might kick off and Grace might find it hard to keep her cool."

Tony and… anyone

Tony's body language was really interesting when he first got to camp, said Nicole.

"He looked a bit out of place and uncomfortable from the start of the trial, unlike Frankie who seemed ready and eager. While Frankie sat with his group afterwards, Tony kept himself to one side, putting physical distance between himself and the group before he'd even properly joined them. As an outsider to a group he's supposed to be leading – a group who are already mates – he's going to have to work extra hard to fit in and boost morale.

"The campmates are currently dealing with low spirits, a lack of food and missing their other pals in the jungle. However, it seems like he's getting along well with Josie already. Tony might need some time to adjust, but if early signs are anything to go by, he could be in for a tough time."

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