Isn’t It Romantic Star Rebel Wilson Says She’s Ready for Love — And Has Used a Celeb Dating App!

Dating in 2019 isn’t always easy, even for Hollywood stars. But Rebel Wilson has opened her heart to love.

“I’ve been so lucky to create this awesome life for myself that I want to find that person to share my life,” the Isn’t It Romantic star, 38, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It can be a rollercoaster being in the public eye.”

Wilson, who plays reluctant romantic Natalie in her latest film, realizes her on-screen persona might influence how people see her initially.

“I often play very brassy, confident characters, and so they think that’s me in real life when I’m actually a lot more conservative, reserved person,” she says. “And so, they have an image of what they think you are, which is great because they love your characters from the movies, but that’s not how I am in real life. I’m not a crazy lunatic doing funny things all the time.”

While her Isn’t It Romantic character starts out hating romantic comedies, she comes around to love when she gets stuck inside a rom-com and dates a hunky Australian millionaire (Liam Hemsworth), lives in a beautiful New York City apartment (complete with a walk-in closet filled with shoes!) and thrives at work. But getting everything she’s ever wanted forces Natalie to rethink her heart’s true desire.

“Like my character Natalie, I used to be so closed off to love,” Wilson admits. “But I have opened myself off lately and had a few disasters, but also met some really nice people. Now it’s like Bridget Jones and I have a number of suitors. But I feel like a frontrunner will emerge.”

Wilson has found herself among one of the many celebrities who have tried out dating apps like Raya, which is geared towards high-profile singles seeking “a private, membership based community for people all over the world to connect and collaborate,” per the platform’s site.

“I’ve been on it a few years but I’m only active for a week or two,” she says. “When you’re seeing somebody, you’re not on it. It’s only for the times in between when you’re very much single. And just looking for who’s out there. But I think it’s a really good tool and a lot of the Pitch Perfect girls are on it, and a lot of my girlfriends in the industry are on it.”

As for why dating in real life can be challenging for her, “People get intimidated,” the Australian actress says. “I was talking to this one guy who was an NFL player and my friend told me, ‘Be careful, he’s clearly intimidated by you.’ Because I was making jokes and I don’t think he got it and thought I was making fun of him. How is a huge NFL player intimidated by me? I don’t think of myself as intimidating.”

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Isn’t It Romantic, also starring Adam Devine and Priyanka Chopra, is out now.

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