Inside Paula Yates’ love life & stars who refused to bed her out of ‘fear’ of Bob Geldof – on anniversary of death

Paula Yates was turned down by Liam Gallagher because he was scared of Bob Geldof, the late star's former PR has claimed.

It’s been 21 years since the TV presenter died and her former PR and close friend, Gerry Agar Fennell, has revealed all about the men who reportedly got away, which also includes Robbie Williams. 

Paula was one of our biggest stars in the nineties and married to Geldof before having a torrid affair with INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. 

Tragically, the mum-of-four died of a heroin overdose at the age of 41 in 2000, three years after boyfriend Micheal was found hanged in a Sydney hotel room. 

Agar Fennell – whose son went to school with Prince Harry – claims Paula made a beeline for the Oasis singer and Take That frontman, around the same time that she was desperate to leave Bob before Michael came on the scene in the mid-nineties.  

“She was determined to leave. She was desperately, desperately unhappy,” alleges Agar Fennell.  

“But she had to have someone with kudos and, at the time, it was Liam and Oasis, they were like gold. She told me she had a crush on him and was gunning for him, but I found out from other people that he’d turned her down. 

“I don’t think he wanted to be in anything so serious – or come up against Bob Geldof. Who in they right mind would want to be blamed for being the reason why Paula left ‘Saint Bob’?”

He continued: “Robbie was another, as she was involved with Take That and hanging out with them.

“Robbie was the star of the show, but I don’t think she was serious about Robbie – it was all very desperate at the time.

“She couldn’t just leave Bob, it’s so sad that she couldn’t just leave on her own merit.  

“At the time after Live Aid, Bob wasn’t really doing anything, no money was coming in, he was a has-been, the excitement of Bob had disappeared. 

“To leave, she needed something bigger and better, Robbie and Liam were the men of the moment. She needed that type of personality.”

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