I’m Tyrique’s best friend & here's the ‘real reason’ he hasn’t asked Ella to be his girlfriend, says Love Island’s Toby | The Sun

LOVE Island legend Toby Aromolaran has revealed why his best pal Tyrique Hyde has not asked Ella Thomas to be his girlfriend yet – and the reason might surprise you.

Tyrique declared his love for Ella last week, but many fans were left confused as to why he didn't ask her to be his girlfriend first.

Toby, 24, admitted he was equally surprised, saying his pal should have asked Ella to be his girlfriend but said there may be a good reason why he's waiting.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Toby said: "I’m waiting for him to make her his girlfriend really and truly but I don’t know if he’s going to do that on the inside or outside.

"Maybe he was waiting for the parent’s approval or maybe he’s just waiting for his friends approval.

"I feel like people on the inside of the villa can be different on the outside of the villa, so maybe he’s waiting until he gets out and then he can actually really know that person properly."


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Toby explained that Tyrique could be worried about the distance between him and Ella when they come out, with his pal based in Essex and Ella in Glasgow.

He said: "He loves her, he should really and truly have her as a girlfriend.

"That would be his first girlfriend, so I know that’s a massive step for him. Humongous! I think it’s coming.

"Maybe he’s waiting for his friends approval, who knows.

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"Maybe it’s the distance, they’re worlds apart, Glasgow and Essex but I'm speculating here."

Toby said he was shocked at how much his friend has changed, saying he's grown in "maturity" and is convinced Tyrique will now be a "one woman man" and won't stray when he leaves the villa.

Speaking about why Tyrique has never had a girlfriend, Toby said: "Because our whole friendship circle, we’re all single. That might be the problem.

"So now that he’s had a break from us, that might be the reason why.

"He's 100 per cent ready for commitment, he always does say it to be fair that he’s ready to settle down, it’s just finding that person to settle down with."

Opening up about the changes he's noticed in Tyrique, Toby continued: "Maturity. Maturity, Oh my God! That guy! And him not being as stubborn as he normally is.

"By him taking Ella back has told me everything I need to know about Ty, his feelings, how mature he is now compared to when he when in.

"I can’t wait because usually me and Ty argue, he’s very stubborn, he never really gets the other person point, so now I’m seeing he’s developing and growing.

"So now when we have arguments, he’s finally going to be not as stubborn as he usually is."

Toby admitted that Tyrique had a lot of female attention before going into the villa, so will be used to having hot women sliding into his DMs once he leaves the villa.

But he explained that Ella has nothing to worry about, saying Tyrique is "not a player".

He told us: "I wouldn’t say he’s a player but he does get a lot of attention, so it would automatically be branded as a player really and truly because you’re not going to go out with everyone.

"I feel like because he’s never been in anything serious, it wouldn’t be classed as having a wandering eye because he’s never really got in that deep. But now he’s got in that deep.

"So, I’m guessing now he has to cut it all out. You can’t have that no more. We’ll have to see how it is when he comes out but he’ll be alright.

"He’ll be a one woman man – I think he’s seen the way, being in the public eye, he’s not shy of it. He knows a lot of people in the public and I think he knows what he’s getting himself into."

Toby said the pair are a "match made in heaven" and branded their relationship similar to "toxic love".

He said: "It's down to the arguments, it shows how passionate they both are about each other and how heated the arguments get.

"Sometimes you look at it and think, why are you guys so heated but I think because of that, it shows how passionate they are about each other.

" It’s that’s toxic love, each time they have a fight it makes it stronger in a weird way."

He added: "It’s also the initial attraction, I think them two are each other’s perfect types.

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"But also, I think how she holds herself. The way she holds herself, Ty likes a girl that holds herself well and I think Ella holds herself well.

"He was always going to be drawn to that even if they were not going to be matched up on day one."

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