I’m A Celebrity medical crisis suspected as Nick Knowles ‘calls for Dr Bob’

I’m A Celebrity camp doctor Bob McCarron has certainly earned his keep this year with John Barrowman injuring his ankle, Harry Redknapp struggling to keep going on the basic rations and Rita Simons complaining of hypoglycaemia.

Now he may have a new patient as keen-eared fans were sure they heard Nick Knowles asking for medical attention “as soon as possible” while Anne Hegerty was leaving the camp.

It sounded as if he said “I think this is fairly important, we need to see Bob as soon as possible, as soon as Anne’s crossed the bridge.”

It’s possible that he was suggesting that Anne should receive medical attention but fans were sure that it wasNick himself that was in trouble.

Hayley Sarah Reid asked on Twitter “Why was Nick asking for medic bob when Ann was leaving the camp?” while Donna Simpson said “Who is Nick heard telling to go and see Bob the Medic to as they are saying their goodbyes to Anne???”

It’s been an injury-plagued year. Apart from John’s ankle we’ve seen Joel Dommett seek medical attention after part of the set fell onto his head and Joe Swash needing a cockroach surgically removed from his ear.

Perhaps the worst I’m A celebrity injury so far was back in 2015 Neighbours actress Kimberly Davies fractured a rib when jumping 15ft from a helicopter into water.

Medic Bob is on call 24/7 for the entire duration of the contest. The show’s medical clinic will often treat up to 30 (mostly trivial) cases a day. One case in point is the tiny cut on Anne’s ear that was covered with a dressing during her Bushtucker trial to prevent infection.

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