Ian Wright needs to stop acting like a pampered princess on I'm A Celebrity

It’s all heating up in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here jungle. We’ve lost Adele and Andrew already and there’s another campmate facing the boot tonight.

Kate Garraway’s off to get a nose job and Nadine Coyle has sent temperatures soaring with her jungle shower moment… but without a doubt the most talked about jungle campmate at the moment HAS to be Ian Wright!

When Ian first walked into the jungle just over two weeks ago he was the admired ex-Arsenal and England player who was loved by most people, not only for his footballing prowess but also for his cheeky chappy persona and larger than life laugh while appearing as a pundit on Match of The Day.

He was the bookies’ favourite to win and frankly the celeb I was most looking forward to seeing. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Mr Wright in Oz!

We’ve seen him lose his temper, complain about being hungry and unbeknownst to him there’s been over 32 complaints to Ofcom about his ‘bullying’ behaviour towards Andrew. And now the latest in the Wrighty versus the jungle saga he’s refusing to do anymore Bushtucker trials.

I’m always shocked when a celeb moans about doing trials. It makes no sense to me for a number of reasons. 

Number one: This is I’m A Celebrity, what exactly did you think you were going to be doing? 

The Bushtucker trials are the main event, what the crowds are screaming for, what we are all tuning in to see! It’s like going on Great British Bake Off and getting your knickers in a twist if they ask you to make a cake! It’s crazy! That’s what you are there to do! 

Number 2: The great British public (myself included) will see that and think one thing and one thing only: I am going to vote for Ian Wright to do every single trial from now on. FACT. 

The thing is, people love to watch I’m A Celebrity and see the contestants be brave, selfless, self-deprecating and warm. 

They don’t want to see people act like pampered princesses or bad sports – well they might want to see it but I guarantee there will be punishment for it in the form of more stomach-churning Bushtucker trials! So Ian’s behaviour has me completely bamboozled!

I realise this was probably said in a heated moment of anger but what Ian needs to understand is he’s a big character and his mood is likely to affect others in camp. I wish he’d see that and try and dig deep; lift his spirits a little for the sake of the others! It isn’t long to go now and he’ll kick himself when he’s out and he looks back on this and sees a montage of him moaning!

As a sportsman I’d imagine it’s so hard for Ian to take even minor losses on the chin. His desire to win and competitive nature are what saw him succeed and excel in his career.

But in the jungle, it’s different. Getting loads of stars is great, don’t get me wrong – it feeds the camp, undoubtedly makes you popular as they’re all so hungry and it’s a morale boost for you – but what truly makes you successful in I’m A Celebrity is the way you treat others and your attitude. 

Being positive and kind when you’re hungry or missing your family isn’t easy; having a laugh with Ant and Dec when you’ve got green ants down your pants can be tough; putting other people’s feelings before your own and digging deep when you just want a bar of Dairy Milk and a cuddle from your missus isn’t something a lot of people can do. 

If I could give Ian one piece of advice before the series finishes it would just be to let go of the little things and try and make the most of it! 

You’re doing something amazing that only a very small group of people in the whole world get the chance to do. Embrace it and use that infectious laugh and sense of humour to remind everyone why they loved you so much in the first place. 

I’ve still got faith Mr Wright. Oh and brace yourself for a heavy onslaught of trials. It was rookie mistake complaining about doing them. 

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