I won Eurovision – here’s why I don’t think the UK’s Mae Muller can do the same | The Sun

BUCKS Fizz star Jay Aston knows what it's like to taste Eurovision glory with her pop group triumphing in 1981.

While she thinks this year's UK entrant, Mae Muller, will do well on Saturday night, she doesn't believe her track I Wrote A Song will make it into the pantheon of contest winners.

Discussing this year's event, which is taking place in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine, with Sky Bingo, Jay, 62, admitted it was a tough task following Sam Ryder.

TikTok star Sam and his soaring anthem Spaceman narrowly lost out to war torn Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra last year.

Jay said: “I wish Mae all the luck, but I don’t think it’s a winner if I’ve got to be honest. I think she’ll do really well, hopefully top five, but I don’t think she’ll win unless something amazing happens on the night.  

“Sometimes, someone can just sort of be around fourth or fifth and then something just happens on the night, which is always unforeseen, and that usually gets reflected in the public vote. I’m sure Ukraine will do really well, but I don’t think their song is as strong this year.” 


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Veteran performer Jay is siding with bookies' favourite and past winner Loreen, who is representing Sweden.

She said: "For me, that’s the one that stands out because she’s done it before – Loreen, the Swedish entry. She is the favourite and I think for good reason because there is just a confidence about her performance, because she’s won It before and its very rare that you go back and win it again – I don’t think anyone has ever done that other than Johnny Logan.

"It’s the confidence and there is a similarity in the song that she did before which was a winner. There is a change in the music this year – there is just a slight shift, with a few dark horses – but I think Loreen really has got it. 

“Other songs which are getting a lot of profile is Spain, France, and Norway, but I don’t think they’re actually as strong as they have been in previous years."

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