I was always insecure about my weight – but losing 7.5 stone is the best thing I've ever done, says Chunkz | The Sun

HE’S a social media sensation with millions of followers, celebrity pals and a Mobo award to his name.

But Chunkz – real name Amin Mohammed – insists his best achievement to date is his staggering eight stone weight loss.

Over the past two years, the YouTube star, 26, has transformed his body and is now fitter and healthier than he’s ever been.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Chunkz said: “Confidence is key, that’s one thing I was lacking, insecurities et cetera, and the fact that I can finally fit into clothes, it feels good. It’s a whole mindset. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve done in my life.

“I’d been wanting to start this YouTube influencer thing since 2012, but I delayed it by three years because of the fact I was conscious of how I looked and I know the Internet can be a rough place.

“It’s something I’ve always been conscious about, definitely something I was insecure about, but thankfully my fan-base didn't speak about my appearance, it was more the content they were watching. Obviously you have your few trolls, but if you're thick-skinned like me, you don’t care about that stuff.

“This weight loss thing was a decision I made randomly through lockdown, and I decided to get fit. If you don't look as slim as possible it doesn't mean anything, you can still be happy in your body. A lot of people are showing me love because of the fact they managed to lose weight because they had me as an inspiration, which is wild to even think.”

From a young age, the entrepreneur was determined to swerve university and traditional career paths in favour of building a media brand of his own.

He’s hustled hard to make it to the top of his game, learning how to create and edit content from scratch.

Chunkz said: “I’ve been having to hustle from when I was a kid to be honest, based on my upbringing and based on where I was raised. It’s always like trying to get out of a situation. 

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“For me, I didn’t want to go down the same route my family members did which is like uni, I tried something different which was YouTube and had to hustle because I had to put in the hours; I didn’t know how to edit, I didn’t know how to film and recently jumping on the weight loss programme, you have to hustle and put the work in.

“I was blessed with a very good friend/personal trainer. It’s about how serious you are, it’s all about mindset. If you want to lose weight and have that mentality, discipline and motivation, it will end up coming off.”

Success has bred pressure to produce a constant stream of exciting original content for his hungry fans.

That demand has prompted Chunkz to take a break from his channel in order to recharge his batteries and come up with fresh material.

He said: “I felt like I was creating the same content all the time. I wanted to take a break, and it’s been a long break, but I’d rather take a break than upload rubbish videos.”

In the meantime, the Soccer Aid favourite and pal Harry Pinero have teamed up with WhatsApp to shine a light on how its business app can help build stronger and more organic relationships with clients and customers.

The free, easy-to-use App gives both parties the ability to have instant communication without having to go through the formalities of an email, and allows businesses to create a catalogue of products and services.

It means users can get answers to the questions they want to know quickly and with minimal effort.

Mimicking Dragons’ Den, Chunkz and Harry recently put on their best suits and were pitched to by three up and coming businesses: Twerk After Work, Wagtails with Louis and Bianca Brown, who hopes to to start up a festival tent pitching side hustle.

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The duo shared their own advice with the entrepreneurs, with Chunkz saying: “Stay consistent, try your best to come up with fresh ides, the scenes too saturated right now, and use WhatsAspp business too, you can show your product services in your account and talk to people, it's how reliable and easy it .”

Harry said: “Chunkz and I respect the hustle, so we wanted to share some top business advice to help these young entrepreneurs get started. The WhatsApp business app is the simplest and easiest way to start up and run a business. No stuffy emails, no expensive website, just keeping it real.”

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