‘I ate that!’ Paul Hollywood furious as he discovers Bake Off contestant disaster

Great British Bake Off: Jürgen drops his sausage rolls

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During Caramel week, fans were treated to the shameless view of contestant George Aristidou scooping cream off his tart using his hands. However, it wasn’t until later, did judge Paul Hollywood become furious to truly understand the extent of the disaster.

Bake Off’s caramel week appeared to get the better of George on the recent episode of the competition.

The 31-year-old was one of the contestants to make it to week seven and undertake the difficult technical challenge.

For the signature bake, the hopefuls were tasked with creating a classic caramel tart and then a family favourite biscuit bar for the technical.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a sticky mess for George who was eventually voted off for his final bake.

However, what the judges didn’t know was the great yet unhygienic lengths he went to, to ensure his bake was successful.

During an episode of the spin-off show, the hard to please Paul Hollywood joined Jo Brand, Harry Hill and Nadia Wadia for an episode of The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice.

There they watched the disastrous clip of George decorating his tart, with what Jo called: “The widest piping nozzle known to man.”

After George confessed to it being “a bad idea,” he then proceeded to scoop the excess cream off using his bare hands.

George then decided to scrape the pile of cream he had just removed off the worktop and put it back into the piping bag.

Paul, who had been watching with his arms crossed in disappointment, shouted out, “I ate that,” which he did in order to judge the bake.

Jo then joked: “I dropped my toast in the litter tray this morning, it was fine.“

Nadia disclosed she did hugely sympathize with him and shared: “I think he’s one of those sweet guys who really wants to get it right.”

“He kind of sabotages himself and I’m very sad he’s gone because I adore him,” she continued.

Unfortunately, his unconventional efforts were not enough to please the judges and George was eliminated in week seven.

After his departure, the 34-year-old reflected on his time in the tent and confessed: “I had a terrible day and it was a flipping nightmare.

“In the first challenge my bake curdled and the cream decoration wasn’t great as my tart was still quite hot,” viewers spotted this detail as the cream slid while he tried to pipe it on the hot tart.

George explained: “I didn’t quite finish the Technical and they said my caramel was more like toffee.

“On my Showstopper, Prue said she could eat a lot of it, and she thought the dome was beautiful,” he concluded.

This was the first time caramel week had been on the baking competition and while George was sent home, Jurgen won star baker of the week.

The Great British Bake Off airs Tuesdays from 8pm on Channel Four.

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