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EVERY year Eurovision fever sweeps the country, as viewers settle in to watch this huge musical extravaganza.

But like a lot of things in life, the famous Song Contest comes at a heft prize, with some fans wondering how much the singers are paid.

How much are the singers on Eurovision paid?

Many of the countries pay hundreds of thousands to participate in Eurovision.

However, it remains unknown how much it pays their performers, as this is at the country's discretion.

In some countries, the entrants are expected to fund their own performances.

But they can often regain their expenditure from the sales of their songs.

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What's the cost of Eurovision each year?

Each year the cost of Eurovision varies as it depends on the contributions from all the participating nations.

However, Eurovision TV explained that the cost is around €6.2 million (£5.3 million) when combined.

The fee is different for each country, depending on factors such as GDP to its size.

Eurovision states that the payment is broken down by which countries “carry the most weight” in the competition.

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The host nation's broadcaster also contributes anywhere between €10 and €20 million (£8.6 and £17.2 million).

Once again, this depends on local circumstances and available resources to the nation and its broadcaster.

This can be done either financially or in kind, e.g covering the expenses of city branding, side events, security etc.

Ticket sales, merchandise and commercial revenue from agreed sponsorship all contribute to the cost.

The Big Five Nations are believed to contribute the most each year.

However, the Big Five Nations (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) are believed to contribute the most each year.

How much have the UK paid to hold Eurovision?

The cost of holding Eurovision is paid for largely by the country’s host broadcaster – in this case, the BBC.

The broadcaster has not said exactly how much it will spend, but it is estimated to be between £8-17M.

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The UK Government has pledged £10M, some of which will go towards financially assisting the BBC.

The exact amount the Beeb will receive has not been disclosed.

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