Homophobic dad Colin gaslights confused Marshall with love bombs in Emmerdale

Poor Marshall (Max Fletcher) is a young man trying to work out his own identity and desperate for his dad’s love, a vulnerability Colin plays on in Emmerdale. 

Homophobe Colin is desperate to regain control of the situation after his son was taken in by Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and Jai (Chris Bisson) when they discovered his abusive behaviour.

Marshall is grateful for Laurel and Jai’s support, but he is gutted to learn that Hotten Academy won’t take him back without Colin’s approval. In a surprising turn of events, Colin gives the green light and Marshall is thrilled, but Lauren and Jai fear it’s only so that Colin can cover up the abuse he’s inflicted on his son. 

It’s a difficult situation and Jai gets frank with Laurel about the impact getting involved in this messy scenario is having on their family, but unbeknown to him, a fragile Marshall overhears the whole exchange.

He now feels unwanted in this place of solace, leaving him wide open to manipulation from Colin.

His dad appears the next day asking to see him, and Marshall is surprised to be on the receiving end of Colin’s outpouring of fatherly love. He apologises for disowning him over his sexuality and wants him home. Impressionable Marshall doesn’t know what to think.

Colin ups the ante by fully love bombing Marshall to a point where he’s so smothered he cannot think straight and doesn’t know what to believe.

Colin’s tactics are working, is Marshall opening himself up to danger as he considers returning home? 

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