Hollyoaks spoilers: Breda McQueen sets up her own son Sylver for Tony Hutchinson's death

HOLLYOAKS' Breda McQueen's son will be blamed for Tony Hutchinson's death after she stabbed him earlier this week.

Fans were left devastated when the evil serial killer, played by Moya Brady, seemingly bumped off the much-loved character, just as she murdered his son Harry earlier this summer.

It has now been teased that an innocent person could end up being blamed for the fan favourite's disappearance, and Breda's own son Sylver [David Tag] could end up going down for the crime.

David previously spent time in prison for the murder of his abusive stepdad Vinnie – who was also actually killed by Breda.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of the Channel 4 soap, locals are baffled by Tony's disappearance.

His wife Diane brings up innocent Sylver's previous 'crime', telling Leela: "Once a killer, always a killer."

Leela tries to reason with Diane – warning her not to jump to conclusions.

The character interupts: "I'd come to terms with the fact that me and Tony were finished.

"If anything's happened to him, I'll never forgive myself!"

She then vows to find out the truth about what happened to her lover, later luring Sylver to her home to demand information – asking if he was the last person to see Tony before he vanished.

Devastated Hollyoaks fans launched a petition to bring Tony back to life after he was attacked this week.

Some outraged viewers even vowed to march on Parliament, calling for the soap's writers to be fired for daring to kill off Nick Pickard's character after 25 years.

Breda targeted Tony after he discovered that she was the one to have killed his son Harry.

He told her: "Harry was my son. You don't get to decide who lives and dies. You're not God. People make mistakes – you should help them."

Tony then tried to grab Breda, as he shouted: "I'm not going to let you hurt anyone in this village again" before being brutally stabbed.

In an emotional montage, Tony's life flashed before his eyes, including his children's birth, wedding day and his recovery from cancer.

Even Harry turned up in a smart pink shirt, telling him: "Dad, it's OK dad, I'm here" as he drifted away into unconsciousness.

Then, the camera panned out as he was left for dead in the rain, as Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road played over the credits – reducing viewers to tears.

However, there are several clues that suggest Tony isn't actually dead and that he could end up making a shock return to the soap at some point in the future.

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