Holly Willoughby shares backstage snap after making her acting debut for cartoon advert

HOLLY Willoughby has shared the moment she made her acting debut for a cartoon advert.

The 39-year-old posted a snap of her backstage as she recorded her voiceover.

She played a heartbroken owner whose cat goes missing for three years in a touching advert made by the Cats Protection charity.

A charity spokesman told Holly: "Thank you Holly for helping us make Christmas magical."

The ad starts off by showing Holly's character walking home with her son Daniel and cat Casper after picking up a Christmas tree.

However, Caspar stays outside while the others go in – but then doesn't come home afterwards.

Daniel's mum tries to reassure her son that Casper is out exploring, but as time passes they begin to lose hope.

One year, Daniel writes a letter to Santa to ask for Casper to come home.

Despite being microchipped, Holly's character is doubtful as it's been so long – until she receives a phone call.

Travelling out to the edge of town, the mum picks up the cat and surprises Daniel in the morning.

On Christmas Day, he wakes up with Casper on his bed and they have a big cuddle.

As well as being a mum-of-three, Holly is also a cat mum to Bluebell.

She had her own traumatic experience with Bluebell this week after her cat was sick on the This Morning studio floor after having its mind read.

Bluebell's paws were examined in a bizarre feature on the show where animal whisperer Jessica Adams claimed to reveal pets' secret thoughts.

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