Hey, 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans: You're Going to Be Obsessed with the New 'Roswell'

Hello, I have some important news: Roswell, New Mexico is about to become your new favorite show. And before you’re like “wow, your time machine called, it wants to take you back to 1999” (JK, you’d never make a joke that lame), please be advised that this is a reboot. And no offense to hardcore fans of the original, but it might be better. Just watch the trailer and try to deny its vibes:

You’re definitely gonna want to watch Roswell when it airs on The CW on January 15, so here’s everything you need to know.

So, Like, What’s the Show About?

Basically, aliens are living among us. Specifically, three very attractive alien siblings who landed in the real town of Roswell, New Mexico and grew up pretending to be humans. Yes, all of them are supremely good looking, and yes, they have mysterious super-powers. But the show mostly centers on a human Roswell native named Liz, who moves back to her hometown and finds herself reconnecting with her high school friend Max, a brooding police officer who happens to a) be fully in love with her, and b) an alien, lol.

Liz is shook to her very core to find out the truth about Max, while his siblings deal with their own “ugh, I’m secretly an alien, life is hard” drama. But don’t forget that this show takes place in New Mexico, a state that’s on the border of Mexico and has a large immigrant community. The show definitely has an undertone of politics, and overtly deals with the racism, fear, and bigotry that’s going on in the country right now.

The Cast Is Full of Your Faves

Literally, I have no words, all I have is this glorious picture:

Yep, that is Tyler Blackburn aka Caleb from Pretty Little Liars. He plays Alex Manes—a wounded member of the military, who has to deal with a controlling father that doesn’t approve of him being with the man he loves.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy’s Jeanine Marie Mason plays Liz, and Nathan Parsons (aka werewolf Jackson Kenner on The Originals) plays her alien love interest Max. What, you don’t have an alien love interest? Sad, but here’s a dramatic photo of Max and Liz to live vicariously through:

Another notable cast member is relative newcomer Michael Vlamis, who plays very handsome alien Michael Guerin—and is basically my new reason for owning a television:

The True Story of Roswell Will Shake You

Not to be dramatic, but the actual town of Roswell might literally be full of attractive aliens. Or, you know, not. Either way, back in 1947 a little something happened called the Roswell UFO Incident—an intense and largely debunked conspiracy theory that there was a massive coverup by the U.S. government after a spacecraft crash landed and its occupants were found by the military. Everyone was so worked up that in the ’90s, the military went ahead and published reports explaining the “UFO” was actually a nuclear test surveillance balloon. Naturally, there are plenty of people out there who are having NONE of that.

Thanks to the UFO incident, Roswell has turned into a lovably kitschy tourist trap full of alien paraphernalia, and to be honest it’s pretty fun to visit—and pretty accurately represented in the CW show.

What’s the Deal with the Original ’90s Show?

It was very excellent, that’s the deal with it. And the reboot is pretty loyal to its predecessor, which is actually originally based off a YA book series called Roswell High. The original show stars Shiri Appleby as Liz, and has plenty of other actors that went on to become super famous. Katherine Heigl played Max’s sister Isabel Evans, and Colin Hanks starred as Alex!

Please watch the original trailer, because it is truly LOL:

Make sure to catch the Roswell reboot on January 15, and try not to get abducted while you wait. Bye!

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