Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis has 'no idea' whether she will return for sequel

This article contains spoilers for the 2018 horror sequel Halloween.

Halloween franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis has told EW that she has “no idea” whether she will play Laurie Strode again.

Curtis reprised the role of the Michael Myers-battling Strode in this year’s Halloween, a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic. Directed by David Gordon Green, the film was a hit, earning $159 million at the domestic box office, with Curtis winning rave reviews for her performance. Prior to the release of the film, producer Jason Blum told EW that he would “100 percent” like to make more Halloween films, if Green’s movie proved successful. But over the weekend, Curtis revealed that she did not know whether she would appear in another entry of the beloved horror series.

“I have no idea at this point, today, I have no idea,” said Curtis. “I would make an assumption that, if David Gordon Green has a story to tell, that the people involved with the movie would encourage him to tell it. [Laughs] I haven’t been told whether or not he has a story to tell and whether or not he would include Laurie Strode in the telling. Really, time will tell. I know David is a busy guy.”

Curtis did admit that she would be happy to play Strode again.

“I’d be happy to do it, sure,” she said. “This was an extraordinary experience. David was a fantastic director, writer, but obviously this 2018, 40th anniversary, was Laurie’s story, and obviously there are now other people’s stories that would need to get told. But Laurie’s story was told beautifully this year, and I would have no way of knowing how they would incorporate her into future.”

Halloween will be released on Digital and via the streaming platform Movies Anywhere on Dec. 28, and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on Jan. 15. Curtis will next be seen in the political thriller An Acceptable Loss, which is released in theaters and on VOD Jan. 18 by IFC Films.

Watch the trailer for Halloween, above.

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