Gordon Ramsay thinks WWE star has 'lost the plot' with Australian 'Fairy Bread'

Gordon Ramsay has weighed in on one of Australia’s beloved sweet treats – and he isn’t impressed with WWE star Peyton Royce’s offering.

The Aussie wrestler had shared a video of her making ‘fairy bread’ – essentially hundreds and thousands on toast – to catch the eye of the celebrity chef, and in an amazing twist he’s actually taken the time to offer his thoughts on TikTok.

‘Peyton, show me what you’ve got,’ he said as he watched Peyton doing her thing in the kitchen. ‘OK two slices of bread – yeah, nice shirt, love that.

‘OK, good. If you don’t make something delicious then I’ll stick those slices of bread on your bloody ears. Butter, OK.’

So far so good, but he suddenly seemed appalled as Peyton spread hundreds of thousands onto the buttered bread.

‘No, stop it,’ he begged. ‘Sprinkles? No, no – girl, you’ve lost the plot. Are you serious? Soldiers? With sprinkles?

‘Girl, you’ve been out of the ring too long. You’ve gone all rusty! I’ll stick those slices of bread on your bloody ears!’

Just in case you want to create this dish – which is actually a thing in Australia and New Zealand, we checked – Peyton gives a pretty good run down in her original video.

‘Gordon mate, how ya doing,’ she said, shooting her culinary shot right away. ‘Peyton Royce. Today’s menu includes none other than the Australian classic fairy bread.

‘Step one, butter. Step two, bread. Step three, repeat. Step four – sprinkles. Step five, cut them into soldiers.’

There might be something lost in the translation here, as triangular slices of bread are absolutely NOT soldiers.

Rectangles or bust – but the jury is still out on the sprinkles.

In other Peyton-based news, the WWE superstar is looking to get back on track after her IIconics tag team with childhood friend Billie Kay broke up over the summer.

She tweeted: ‘I’ve been feeling far from myself lately. I’m so beyond done with watching other women fight for what should be in my hands. I can’t sit back & watch it anymore.

‘I can’t wait for the opportunity. It won’t come. It has to be taken.’

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