Good Morning Britain viewers slam show after guests get into 'screaming match' during Queen's mourning | The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain viewers slammed the show today after guests got into a screaming match during the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II.

The men got into a blazing row over plans to scrap the cap on bankers' bonuses and people at home called their behaviour "unwatchable".

Self made millionaire David Fishwick clashed with property fund manager and former politician Ben Habib, who argued top bankers are leaving the UK over curtailed bonuses.

But viewers complained they could barely hear either side of the argument because both men continously interupted each other.

One said: "Unwatchable now. Just an absolute shout fest"

Another tweeted: "reckon they cut that banking segment short because we can't scream and fight when we're supposed to be mourning"


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A third moaned: "Well this is a s**t show, it’s the presenters job to steer an interview, instead they are just letting them shout over each other."

As a fourth echoed: "Stop this shouting!!! It’s far too early for this, be quiet!"

Others joined in on the fiery debate and one said: "No one not one person needs to earn £35Million pounds.

"Utterly ridiculous! David is right banks should pay back the tax payers money and ABSOLUTELY NOT REMOVE CAP ON"

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Another viewer said: "It might well be that scrapping Bankers Bonuses might be good economically …

"however, it’s the timing that’s bad. It’s the one of the first policies they announce, to help the richest in society

David is best known for being the presenter of How To Get Rich Quick and Your Money And Your Life, where he imparts is financial wisdom.

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He made his fortune supplying mini-buses, mini-coaches and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib was the richest MEP elected in the Ninth European Parliament based on annual earnings from his second job.

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