GMB’s Susanna Reid left fuming after guest recalls heart-breaking story

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid was left fuming after hearing the heart-breaking story from one of the show's guests.

Susanna, 52, returned to present the ITV show on Tuesday (November 28). She was joined by co-host Richard Madeley as the pair discussed the biggest news stories of the day so far.

During one of the show's segments, the pair were joined by in-house doctor Hilary Jones to discuss a shortage for medication for a condition that affects almost 2million people in the UK. Alongside Dr Hilary, Richard and Susanna were joined by Craig Lester, who has resorted to rationing the medication for both himself and his children, all of whom suffer from the same disorder.

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Introducing the section, Susanna and Richard outlined how attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) has been on the rise due to increased awareness. Figures had revealed, however, due to the number of people now being diagnosed with the condition, there is now a shortage of medication being used to help those suffering.

Craig then opened up on how ADHD affected his family, saying that should he be able to get the treatment his family needs. He added the drugs are incredibly important, saying: "I need to take it every day, otherwise I can't function without it."

Telling his story, Craig added that he had started to experience problems in getting the medication from the end of September. He added that when he did eventually get some, the pills had a weaker strength, which did not alleviate his symptoms.

Due to the shortage, Craig and his family were forced to move off the normal medication onto Ritalin, another drug previously used to treat the condition. But he admitted that the change in treatment affected his life.

"It was really hard, because you get headaches, but you are absolutely exhausted," Craig said. "I can't begin to describe how it feels – you feel depressed and self-care goes out the window."

At the end of the debate, Susanna herself weighed in on the scandal, giving her thoughts on being able to reach those who need the drug. As she was making her points, however, it soon became clear she was getting frustrated as she explained how she felt through gritted teeth.

"Honestly, I don't know what to say. Good luck," Reid fumed before reading a statement from the Department of Health. In the statement, the Department reiterated its commitment to provide medication for those struggling with ADHD. However, Susanna was not impressed with the response.

"I don't understand how manufacturers are doing this – these are big pharmaceutical drug companies that have a lot of money being thrown at them," she exclaimed. "What is the excuse for not manufacturing enough of the medicines that people need?"

Craig revealed that due to a shortage of the ingredients needed to make the medication, this is partly slowing the distribution of medicines out. "I think we need to dig further," Reid finished, as the segment came to an end.

Good Morning Britain airs every day at 6am on ITV1 and ITVX.

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