GMB’s Andi Peters makes veiled salary swipe at Charlotte Hawkins over ‘wage gap’

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    Good Morning Britain star Andi Peters appeared to take a veiled swipe at his colleague Charlotte Hawkins as he mentioned their apparent difference in pay.

    On Wednesday morning's show (February 15) Andi appeared live in the studio to present his usual competition segment.

    But as presenters Charlotte and Ed Balls were delighted to see Andi in action, the charismatic TV personality didn't hold back when the discussion turned to money and their difference in wages.

    As Charlotte pointed out that Andi was "looking good" in his tightly fitted shirt, Andi replied: "Thanks very much indeed and our prizes are looking good too!

    "That's why we get the big bucks. Well she does, I don't."

    Moving on swiftly, Andi continued: "You're chance to win an amazing £100,000 those are the big bucks!"

    But this isn't the first time Andi has made a wage dig at the GMB presenters.

    Last year, Andi left presenter Ed and Susanna Reid red-faced when he appeared to take a swipe on the subject of money.

    At the time, Andi was accompanied by a saxophone player in a regal setting as he delivered the competition news.

    When the former children's presenter asked the musician to play something to Ed, the saxophonist went straight into a rendition of ABBA's Money, Money, Money, before Andi commented: "Money, Money, Money – oh you know him so well!"

    The news comes after Andi was recently criticised by fans after he delivered the competition news from the Love Island villa in South Africa.

    GMB viewers were left evidently frustrated that ITV allowed Andi to travel more than 5,000 miles to film a competition segment with no correlation to the dating show.

    Taking to Twitter, annoyed spectators shared their thoughts.

    One social media user wrote: "When many viewers are worried about the cost of living, energy bills etc. Andi Peters is flown to South Africa for a week to flog his awful competition designed to extract money from people some of whom can ill afford it. And don’t get me started on carbon footprint…"

    While another echoed: "GMB send @andipeters all the way to South Africa just to announce a competition."

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