GMB's Alex Beresford reignites Piers Morgan feud as he admits he's never watched co-star's Life Stories show

GOOD Morning Britain's Alex Beresford appeared to reignite his and Piers Morgan's ongoing feud today, as he admitted he's never watched his co-star's Life Stories show.

The 40-year-old star shocked co-host Charlotte Hawkins with the blunt admission – as he added that he may watch for the first time tonight.

The pair had been discussing 55-year-old Piers' upcoming chat with Chris Eubank, which airs on ITV this evening.

Alex said: "I've not actually watched any of Piers' Life Stories before…"

Charlotte exclaimed: "What?!" and showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold could be heard audibly gasping before Alex finished his sentence.

The star sheepishly looked around as he asked: "Have I just said the wrong thing? I think I'm going to watch it tonight."

Charlotte later warned her colleague: "I don't know what Piers is going to say to you when he next sees you, about you not watching Life Stories."

But Alex remained calm as he admitted he doesn't often see the star at the moment, with his co-host replying: "You think you'll get away with it, do you?"

Piers' prime-time show has been on air since 2009, and the star has interviewed everybody from Caitlyn Jenner to Sir Thomas Moore, and Gemma Collins over the years.

Alex's bombshell comes just weeks after Piers and Alex clashed on air, when Piers introduced Alex's weather segment by jibing: "He is far from being the greatest weatherman of all time."

Alex hit back at the time: "Well the great news is that Piers is not here tomorrow, but the bad news is that the weather is pretty testing out there."

The two men also had a run-in when Piers asked Alex how the weather will be for the Cricket World Cup last summer, to which Alex sniped: "I don't work for you."

Prior to that, the Good Morning Britain stars clashed over using a papoose – with Piers branding Alex a "dimwit" after he said he'd wear the baby-carrier to help out around the house when his son Cruz was young.

Piers also remarked: "If this is the future of mankind then we are dead."

Producers then launched a Twitter poll urging followers to choose between the pair as Piers ranted: "Thick women would prefer Beresford, dimwit Beresford with his papoose and his tattoos.

"Any woman with a brain would pick me."

However, Piers was left red-faced after Alex won the poll with 68.4% of the final vote.

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